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Potato powder for hair beauty

Beauty hair with potato powder can be applied in 3 forms: Mask, shampoo or use as dry shampoo. The effect is visible almost instantly!

Most women have a habit of washing their faces and removing makeup daily with a simple facial cleanser, even many people just wash it off with water. This habit really seriously affects the skin, especially for oily skin, inflammatory acne ...

Potato powder applied to the hair smooths and makes the hair smoother, softer and easier to shape. Potato hair nutrition experts confirm, this simple and cheap solution works better than many hair mask products.

1. Potato flour hair mask

One of the simplest ways to test the effects of potato starch on hair is to add it to your favorite hair mask ingredients, preferably a protein-free product, in a ratio of 2:1.

Potato powder hair effect

Mix 2 tablespoons of your favorite product with 1 teaspoon of potato starch. Apply evenly over the entire hair. Maintain the mask for 30 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

If you want the mask to be more effective, cover the head with a food folia bag or a folia cap.

2. Wash your hair

Mix 1 teaspoon of potato powder in 1 liter of boiled and cooled water. Pour into a platinum bottle or small basin after thoroughly mixing.

Potatoes, a hair beauty suggestion

Wash your hair with your usual shampoo, then slowly rinse it out several times with potato starch solution, and finally rinse with clean water. Immediately after, you have smoother hair, "more obedient, more disciplined" and have a thicker feeling.

3. Dry Shampoo

Pour a moderate amount of potato starch into the palm of your hand, then slowly rub it on the hair and scalp (the hair and scalp must be dry before).

Maintain the status quo for about 1 minute, then brush off the potato pulp with a comb. Note: Potato powder dyes hair with a light, thin layer of "skin" - never mind, if you own blonde hair. In case you have dark hair, you can add a little cocoa powder or cinnamon powder before that.

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