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Revealing 3 ways to mix beautiful shimmering lipstick colors without worrying about "touching" in the fall

Using only a certain lipstick color for the entire lips often brings boredom. Immediately save the 3 lipstick color mixing recipes below, beautiful and luxurious without worrying about touching.

Mixing lipstick colors is the combination of lipstick colors together, to create a new color that your pure lipstick does not have. Many girls have chosen to mix lipstick colors so that they can both save money on buying new lipsticks, and still become beautiful on the street with new and unique lipstick colors. However, mixing lipstick colors is not simple but has its principles, to avoid creating lipstick colors when on your lips will become "disaster".

Basic rules when mixing lipstick colors

- Take advantage of red tones: If you own a ripe plum lipstick, mix a little red to create a unique, salty and seductive ripe plum red tone. For girls who are loyal to nude lipstick, try to combine with a little red under nude lipstick, avoid pale face, and make your lips fresh and look more natural.


- Lower the original lipstick tone: If you own too many bold lipsticks, then use a nude lipstick tone to reduce the dark color of the lipstick. For girls who follow the cute style of peach color, mix bright orange lipstick under a layer of peach lipstick that is extremely suitable.

- Create lip contour: There are colors that are only used on special occasions such as purple, or neon pink. To avoid "abandoning" these lipstick colors, you can mix lipstick colors between dark tones and light tones to create the perfect lipstick base. You can also take advantage of this mixed color to line your lips, making your lips more full and delicate. 


Super beautiful lipstick color mixing recipes

1. Pink Earth + Red Brown

Use pink earth to dissolve the upper lip line. Then take the orange-pink powder and spread it on the lip part to create a matte effect. Next, use a reddish brown color from the center of the upper lip to the bottom of the lip and use a brush to blend it. Then take the orange-pink powder to melt on the lower lip line similar to the upper lip. And finally, a layer of red-brown lip gloss on a little bit of the bottom lip. So we have a very sweet and warm lips with earthy pink tones that are easy to coordinate with many different makeup tones. 


2. Orange brown + Chocolate brown

First, use an orange-brown lipstick that melts the entire lips. Then, you use highlighter with melted emulsion on the top of the upper and lower lips to create a highlight. Next, melt the chocolate brown lipstick on the inside of the lips to make the lips look deeper.

Then, take the saffron yellow powder to dissolve on the upper and lower lip for a more clear color. If you want your lips to look deeper and more attractive, fill in the center of the lips with a dark brown personality. Finally, use colorless lip gloss on the upper and lower lips to make the lips more shimmering.


3. Pink baby + Orange earth

First, use baby pink lipstick to brush your entire lips. Next, use an earthy orange color that melts into the center of your lips. Use light powder to blend into the lip line to create a matte effect for the lips. Then use a dark purple powder to lightly tap the inside of the lips to create accents for the lips. And finally a layer of wine red lip gloss. So we have a very attractive but still very youthful wine tone.


Try these lipstick recipes for a beautiful fall!

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