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Revealing 7 unexpected uses of makeup remover that few women know

Here are 7 uses of makeup remover water pointed out by experts, helping you both save and take advantage of this product effectively.

The introduction of makeup remover (micellar water) is considered the "salvation" of many women. There are 7 uses from makeup remover indicated by experts, helping you both save money and make the most of the products you have.

Homogenize the broken compact powder

The broken pressed powder will cause certain limitations when you take the product and it is difficult to create an evenness when applying it to the face with a makeup brush. To fix, put a few drops of makeup remover on the powder to create the same consistency as before and use later for more optimal results.


Clean makeup brushes

With each makeup, specialized brushes are often easy to leave residual powder and dirt from the outside environment. Therefore, you can wash them by quickly soaking them in makeup remover for a few seconds, then drying them thoroughly with a paper towel.

Clean stains or stains on clothes

For nasty stains or stains on clothes and you don't have much time to wash them again, gently wipe them with makeup remover. However, be careful with clothes that are too thin as this product can cause color fading.


Increase the brightness of the eye color

With some eye colors, you can hardly hit them up to the correct color as the brands have introduced in the packaging. The best way is to put a few drops of water makeup remover on the brush when dipping into the powder. This somewhat solvent-like effect will help the eye color you choose to be clearer and brighter than when used normally.

Remove makeup mistakes

Irregular eyeliner, over-brushing blush, eyeshadow or lipstick is no longer a serious problem when there is a makeup remover. You just need to soak a cotton ball with bleach, gently wipe the faulty makeup area and manipulate it again to have the most perfect look without spending too much time.

Soothes the scent of perfume when oversprayed

Perfume will increase the attractiveness of the user, but it will be a double-edged sword if you spray them too much. In this case, you only need to apply a few drops of makeup remover on the area that has been sprayed with perfume to soften some of the chosen scent.


'F5' mascara makes a mistake

To help remove clumped mascara without causing "smear", wet cotton with makeup remover and then gently stroke the eyelids. This action will help remove the effective mascara in a very short time.

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