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Signs of damaged, expired cosmetics

When the cosmetics you are using show the following signs, you should throw them away immediately and buy a new product.


Signs of damaged cosmetics are things that every girl when using skin care products should pay attention to, because skin care products when damaged or expired can lead to many problems. for user.

Signs of damaged cosmetics

Cosmetics have a strange smell

One of the top signs that cosmetics are no longer usable is smelling them. Before use, if you smell and notice an unusual, foul, unpleasant smell, the product may be damaged or expired.

Color change

In addition to the smell of the product, the color is also a factor to identify if the cosmetic is still usable. After opening the lid, cosmetics exposed to air will produce oxidation. This reaction changes the inherent color of the cosmetic. A slight color change does not necessarily affect the use of the product, but if the change is too large from the original, it is best to discard the product.

Change the texture

Your lotion looking thick or too liquid or lumpy is an early sign of emulsion instability. This means oil and water-soluble chemicals have been separated. By that time, the product has lost its effectiveness and your skin may become irritated.

Divided class

When delaminated, the product is definitely damaged. You should not try to fix it by mixing layers together, especially sunscreen and some products containing other active ingredients.

Identify some common products that are expired and broken


While everyone generally applies sunscreen every day (not just on sunny summer days), not everyone can use up an entire box of sunscreen.

Shelf life: Approximately two years from opening and depending on how you store it. Sunscreen has a relatively long shelf life, but if the sunscreen is exposed to the sun a lot, the sunscreen active ingredients and remaining ingredients will expire faster, and the consistency of the cream. also adjusted.

The secret to knowing an item's expiration date: Imagine your sunscreen bottle is like a box of fresh milk in the fridge. If they continue to have a strange smell, change from white to yellow, or the cream has split, throw it out immediately.


The sign of damaged cosmetics applying moisturizer daily is a habit of many girls, and almost everyone is loyal to a certain product. Luckily, moisturizers don't have a very short shelf life.

Shelf life: A bottle of quality moisturizer can last for a year, as long as you still feel like they're as good as the first time you use them.


These small but powerful serums will make a big difference to your skin texture and rejuvenate every single cell of you. Serums are a product that is recommended by most dermatologists, especially when you are an adult. However, the serum will not keep as long as we would like, especially once opened.

Shelf life: About 1 year. Although active ingredients have the potential to lose stability like vitamin C, or decrease in effectiveness over time, they are still safe to use for up to a year.

Cream for background

It seems like makeup companies are working together to make you rely entirely on one shade of foundation and then, stop making them as soon as you need to buy a new bottle. But don't let that keep the foundation bottles for too long, because they will definitely clump or separate over time.

Shelf life: About 1 year. However, if you often use a sponge or finger to get foundation, or foundation contained in the core, the shelf life is only 6 months. Because at that time, your products are susceptible to bacteria and fungi and will make your skin break out.

How to tell: If you find foundation adjusts to smell, color, or texture, throw it away. In addition, products that are out of date will also be oily and cannot stick to your skin.


Blush is an indispensable makeup item for girls, helping to bring a youthful and lovely look. This product has a relatively long shelf life.

Shelf life: Blush will last for several years if they break. However, cream or gel blush will not last as long as they are prone to drying. Regardless of the type of blush you use, you should always clean the brush to reduce acne.

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