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Simple makeup tips to help your face look younger than your real age in a clever way

Women who want to become younger and more beautiful than their real age, pretty face should definitely try these 5 "small but martial" makeup tips.

To have a youthful and attractive appearance, many women have applied the basic skills of makeup to change their appearance. Makeup will help highlight the outstanding lines and hide the flaws. Therefore, some of these makeup tips will help you look younger than your real age, more confident and beautiful.


Brightening primer

Many people often prefer a primer with coverage that helps the foundation to be more perfect. However, in the opinion of makeup experts, this makes the makeup less natural, the face becomes rigid. As an alternative, you can use a product that both acts as a base primer and has the ability to catch light. This primer provides a plumping effect, making the skin look younger and more attractive.

Use light eye color

Eyelids are the part that easily sag and droop as you age, it will make you look older and heavier. Therefore, when applying makeup, you should use light colors on the eyelids and use a little dark powder on the eye sockets. This will make your eyes look bigger and reduce swelling in the eye area.

In addition to makeup, you should also pay attention to taking care of the eye area from the inside to limit aging and the formation of crow's feet. Therefore, you should use cosmetics with collagen.

Red cheeks

What's sweeter than the image of a girl with lovely rosy cheeks? According to many makeup stories, the secret to makeup for the most natural blush, use warm colors such as pale pink, peach orange or bronze. These tones help to brighten the face and look younger than the actual age. You should choose the highest point of the cheekbones and gently apply blush in a circle.

Cover dark circles

Dark circles eyes account for 90% of women because of many different factors. Dark circles under the eyes are among the most obvious age "reporting" positions. To cover this flaw, choose a cream that is light, has coverage, and matches your skin tone. However, when using concealer, it should not be applied too thickly, making the makeup layer heavy. This is the factor that highlights wrinkles, crow's feet... Start applying concealer on the dark circles under the eyes, then to the corners of the eyes and finally the corners of the eyes to help the concealers be the most natural.

Choose a bright lipstick color

Although bold lipstick tones, earthy lipsticks are a hot trend, but if you keep "immersing" in these colors, you are very easy to age before your age. Instead, bright colors will bring ageless youth such as orange, red rose, baby pink, etc. Lipstick color is also the message of your age to others.

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