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Simple tips to help long, thick eyebrows naturally

Eyebrows are an important highlight on the face, balanced and beautiful eyebrows will help the face look much more delicate.


Aloe vera contains a compound called aloenin that promotes the growth of eyebrows, helping to strengthen eyebrows. Take the aloe vera gel out of the leaves and massage it on your eyebrows. Leave for a while and then wash off with cold water. Since aloe vera gel is non-sticky, it is easily absorbed, thus promoting eyebrow growth.

Vitamin E essential oil

Take a few vitamin E capsules and peel them off. Put vitamin E oil in a separate bottle and massage it on your eyebrows. Leave it overnight and wash your face the next morning. Vitamin E essential oil helps promote fast eyebrow growth as well as strengthen hair follicles.

Fresh milk

Fresh milk contains many vitamins, proteins and essential enzymes to help eyebrows grow fast and strong. Apply fresh milk regularly to help natural thick eyebrows. Use a cotton ball dipped in fresh milk and then apply to the eyebrows. You leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning.

Coconut oil contains fatty acids that accelerate the growth of eyebrows

Onion juice

Using onion juice is a great solution to help your eyebrows grow naturally. Onion juice contains minerals, B vitamins, vitamin C and sulfur, so it helps eyebrows grow faster.

Egg yolk

Egg yolks are rich in biotin, also known as vitamin B7, an important vitamin that promotes better and faster hair growth. Take an egg yolk, add a little lemon juice and mix well. Use a cotton swab to apply this mixture on your eyebrows.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil works as an effective blood circulation booster as well as a moisturizer. Because it contains fatty acids, coconut oil accelerates the growth of eyebrows, giving you natural thick eyebrows. You just need to take a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil and massage evenly on the eyebrows. Leave for a while and then wash off with cold water.

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