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Small grainy skin and improvement measures to return her smooth skin

It is necessary to maintain hygiene, focus on diet and take care of protecting the body against threats from the environment.

Skin floating small particles

In addition to the effects of the environment, the condition of the skin with nodules but not itching is also caused by a number of diseases:

- Follicular keratosis: Caused by clogged pores creating small alcohol blocks. The occurrence of the disease is due to poor skin hygiene habits, poor immune system, environmental factors caused by water sources ...

- Pink psoriasis: A skin condition caused by a number of viruses attacking the skin, the skin has large papules that do not itch and over a long period of time they will dry and peel off easily.

Acne hidden under the skin: It is a type of acne that is not inflamed, does not swell, does not hurt but is located deep in the hair follicle. Acne is manifested as tiny, tiny nodules that do not grow individually, but grow in clusters and are increasingly spreading, making the skin rough.

- Purpura: Similar to rash but distributed in clusters of red spots and not itchy. The disease may disappear within a few days.

Skin fibroids: Pale pink or brown nodules, swollen but less itchy if not touched, often appear on any skin.

Heat rash: Occurs when the skin is irritated by exposure to heat, due to hot weather, when the pores are blocked, so sweat cannot escape, causing the skin to become red and irritated. .

Measures for improvement

- Exfoliating: In order to remove dirt from the skin, unclog pores, we can use natural ingredients such as: green beans, red beans, rice bran, mineral mud...

Apply moisturizer: Dry skin also causes inflammatory skin conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to use fragrance-free, alcohol-free moisturizers to keep skin hydrated.

- Apply essential oils: You can use coconut oil, olive oil, massage the damaged skin to help soften the skin, increase moisture and give the skin elasticity.

If there is a small but not itchy rash due to a medical condition, you should go to the hospital for examination and use according to the prescribed prescription.


Some notes when the skin is not itchy

- Should clean the skin properly, regularly to prevent skin infections.

- Do not scratch, peel or remove the lesions on the skin so as not to make the skin worse.

- Do not bathe with hot water because hot water will cause more dryness of the skin, causing rough and flaky skin, but should use moderately warm water.

- Should drink enough water that the body needs for each day and proper nutrition. Fortified with products rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 to help skin glow healthy and balance natural moisture.

- Protect and carefully shield the skin when going out to limit exposure to irritants to the skin.

- It is necessary to limit makeup, use of cosmetic chemicals and skin care products.

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