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Start this beauty routine from now on to look good without makeup

If you take care of your skin properly, you will be able to go out without fancy makeup, sometimes just a little lipstick.

Choose cosmetics that contain sunscreen ingredients or use sunscreen

Pay attention to the composition of the face cream - there must be sunscreen ingredients. As part of your daily skin care routine, you need to protect your skin from the sun, or else your skin will become hyperpigmented. Do not forget that a cream with UV protection should be used not only in the summer, but also in the winter.


Visit a beautician

Try to see a specialist at least every six months. This is important for choosing a high-quality home care that will take into account the unique characteristics of your skin and keep it looking young and healthy for as long as possible.

Daily skin cleansing

It is necessary to clean the skin thoroughly before going to bed with the usual measures, then follow the skin care steps. If you take good care of your skin in the evening, then in the morning, just washing your face, applying moisturizer and sunscreen is enough.

When moisturizing your skin, if you have oily skin, you also need to take steps to moisturize with products specifically for oily skin.

Pay special attention to the skin around the eyes. In this location the skin is very thin and sensitive, lacking the natural protective mechanism of the epidermis.


Get into the habit of facial massage

It is best to massage with a specialized moisturizer or massage oil. In this case, the skin's lymph and blood supply are activated, the face becomes fresh, puffiness disappears. For greater effectiveness, alternate self-massage with facial exercises.

Do not forget to exfoliate

It is recommended to use a deep cleansing method for the skin no more than once a week. You shouldn't buy scrubs made with sugar, salt, ground coffee - it's best to use scrubs with fruit acids: they cleanse the skin gently and deeply without damaging the skin. skin injury.

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