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Summer makeup: 5 beauty tips for smooth, sweat-proof skin

Top makeup artists will give you tips to prevent sweat from ruining your makeup in the summer, helping you to always stand out and shine in the summer sun.

Applying sunscreen when applying makeup is a step not to be missed. If you are wondering between applying sunscreen before or after applying foundation, an expert will help you make the best choice.

Summer is full of miracles, from parties, travel, dating, etc. However, it's not a lot of sweat to melt foundation, even eyeliner and sticky lipstick. What's interesting for girls who want to stand out and impress the crowd. And so, top makeup artists will give you tips to shine in the summer sun.

Makeup tips to prevent sweat, oily skin in summer

1. Let's start with the right moisturizer

The best way to take care of your skin is to choose the right cosmetics at the right time, advises Fiona Stiles, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. "Use an oil-free moisturizer in the morning," she says.


And in addition, this makeup artist also recommends choosing an oil-free foundation. This way, you will have smooth, flawless skin, without being greasy.

So, before applying powder, choose for yourself a foundation and foundation with the "oil free" note to use for hot summer days.

2. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin

Before moisturizing your skin, make sure to protect your skin from the sun properly. Therefore, you should apply sunscreen with a protection factor of SPF 30 or higher every day, under makeup.

Remember, you need to apply sunscreen before applying makeup. Never apply sunscreen after applying makeup.

When you want to reapply sunscreen during the day without reapplying your makeup, here's a trick that makeup artist Erica Whalen and beauty chemist Sabina Wizemann tell you:

- Put a little sunscreen on a cotton pad, then use a cotton pad that already has sunscreen on the powder box and then gently apply the powder on your face. This way, you can increase the effectiveness of your sunscreen during the day and still look good with makeup.

In addition, you can also use sunscreen makeup instead when the effect of sunscreen only lasts a few hours.

3. Use Primer

Primer makeup primer is a form that helps makeup last, even out foundation and skin color. Primer is usually used after you apply your moisturizer and before you apply foundation or makeup.

According to Ashunta Sheriff-Kendricks - a famous makeup artist in New York, choosing a good and suitable primer is the secret to protecting skin and having a beautiful radiant skin that shines in the summer. Therefore, invest in a good primer before applying makeup, should use the type with hyaluronic acid ingredients to fly away wrinkles and blur imperfections such as freckles, age spots on the face.

4. In summer, the makeup should be light, the makeup layer should be thinner

To have smooth white skin, another secret for summer makeup is to wear lighter makeup, thinner makeup. This way, you won't have to worry about thick powdery or oily skin, or uneven and clumping makeup.

Even the primer layer should be very little to avoid sweat and oily skin in the summer. And the coating should only be very thin. That way, you'll naturally shine in the summer.

You may not even need to wear makeup, but just using moisturizer and concealer applied to some areas of the skin that is dark and dark is enough. With this little trick, you will be naturally beautiful and radiant in the summer sun.

5. Make the face more impressive with bronzer tones in some highlights

The bronze tone used to highlight in some places like the cheekbones is a trick to make your eyes brighter, your teeth whiter in the summer, and your skin look rosy and vibrant. than. Here's the advice from New York-based makeup artist Troy Surratt.

He recommends applying bronzer at the highest points of the face where sunlight is naturally reflected, like the forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose.

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