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Tell you how to detox your skin simply

Environment, dirt, work, living habits are factors that directly affect your skin. Toxins will gradually accumulate on the skin and over time will cause skin problems...

Long-term consequences cause the skin to become dull, dull and have many dark spots appear; Aging skin, poor elasticity, prone to sagging and wrinkling... Therefore, detoxification for the skin is extremely necessary to have smooth and bright skin.


Drink enough water

To own a beautiful smooth, healthy skin, the first thing you need to do is to keep yourself healthy. For that reason, many women have chosen to drink detox water to both detoxify the skin, keep the body healthy, and also keep a slim body and a stable weight.

With this method, you will not have to worry, waste time and money. However, you should still make a reasonable eating plan, to balance the nutrients loaded into the body every day, to avoid the case that the body "excess" unnecessary nutrients.

The method is very simple, you just need to combine filtered water with vitamin-rich fruits such as oranges, lemons, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers... to create a delicious detox drink that helps detoxify the skin.

Limit sugar consumption

Eating a lot of sugary foods will make your skin dehydrated. Researchers have shown that sugar binds to proteins and fats causing wrinkles. They also burden the adrenal glands, causing dark circles around the eyes and making you feel tired and moody.

Choose effective skin detox foods

Eating a variety of foods that have the function of detoxifying the skin is also a way to reduce toxins for the body and skin from the inside.

Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables such as vegetables contain a lot of vitamin A, protect the liver and eliminate toxins; Carrots have the effect of eliminating mercury because in this root there is a colloidal substance that can reduce the concentration of mercury in the blood. Can be pressed into water to drink, mixed with a little honey and lemon to detoxify the skin; Grapes are also fruits that help eliminate wastes in the body, purify the liver and stomach.

Fish, whole grains: Should use coarse grains, also known as whole grains, which are nuts with the outer silk shell intact. In which, brown rice must be mentioned because this is the type of rice that retains the same nutritional composition, rich fiber content, has the effect of liposuction, a smooth intestinal tract, good detoxification. Eat brown rice 2-3 times a week. Fish is also a food that provides essential omega-3 fats for the body as well as beans rich in protein, classified as detox dishes, rich in fiber, strong antioxidant mineral salts such as black beans, red beans, etc. Green beans… In addition, sesame seeds, walnuts, peanuts can be used because they contain a great source of nutrients, vitamin E, mineral salts, etc.

Exfoliate dead skin cells once a week

This is a familiar and important step in the skin care routine. It not only helps to remove old cells, but also cleans dirt, sebum, residual cosmetic residue for clean, healthy skin.

Apply a detox mask from nature

Green tea detox mask: Green tea contains a lot of vitamins A, C, E ... helps to regenerate skin cells, prevent melanin pigment from forming, help improve skin pigmentation, make skin white and smooth.

Tomato mask : Vitamin A, abundant in tomatoes, is a nutrient that has the effect of disinfecting, eliminating toxins, and nourishing the skin.

Banana mask: Banana with natural ingredients has excellent antibacterial and skin-rejuvenating properties. If you have dull and dry skin, this will be a great mask.

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