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The 4 most trending masking methods are actively promoted by the beauty world

There are unique but extremely effective masking methods that make everyone fall in love.

1. 7-Skin Method

This is one of the Korean skin care methods. This method is understood that you will apply a total of 7 layers of toner on the skin instead of 1 layer of toner as usual.

You just apply and pat the toner gently, when the previous layer is dry, continue with the next layer. You can combine using many different toners in each layer, following the texture from liquid to thickening and then continue to care for your skin with products as usual.

This will help clean the skin as well as help the nutrients in the toner penetrate better, helping the skin regain moisture balance. This method is revealed to be the secret of Korean women's skin care and is becoming a trend in Asian women's skin care.

2. Lotion mask

Lotion mask is a method created by Japanese beauty expert Chizu Saeki. With this method, you only need to spend 3 minutes applying a lotion mask, the moisture on the skin will be improved, the amount of water on the skin increases immediately.


How to make lotion mask as follows: You moisten a cotton pad or a compressed mask with purified water. Then put a few drops of lotion on a cotton pad, and apply it on your face for 3 minutes. After 3 minutes, remove the cotton pad and continue with your usual skin care steps.

In this method, lotion acts as an intermediary, "transporting" water from the cotton pad into the skin, helping the skin to be more hydrated.

3. Multi-masking

Multi-masking is applying a variety of masks with different uses to take care of separate skin areas on the face such as eyes, cheeks, forehead, chin or T-zone. Each different skin area has its own problems. that one type of mask cannot completely solve. Multi-masking is a comprehensive and time-saving skin care method for women.


4. Double Masking Method

Double Masking is the alternating application of 2 different types of masks on the skin. The first layer of the mask on the skin will have the function of cleaning the skin, removing dirt and absorbing excess oil. After the first mask, the face becomes clear, the second mask has the effect of moisturizing, whitening or toning the skin.

Double Masking is considered one of the new generation of proper skin care methods because it has brought more noticeable effects than just a traditional mask, because the skin is cleaned and absorbed. better.

With only these 4 methods, you can completely get beautiful skin. However, you need to see what type of skin you have to choose the right method without irritating your skin.

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