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The benefits and harms of eyelash extensions with a series of basic care suggestions you need to know

If you are interested in eyelash extensions to get beautiful eyes, do not ignore the article below.

Eyelash extension is a technique of attaching false eyelashes to real eyelashes with a special glue to make your eyelashes look longer and fuller. False eyelashes can be made from many different materials, most of which are made from synthetic fibers, silk or mink hair.

Benefits and risks of eyelash extensions

The eyelash extension process is considered to be relatively safe and painless. With eyelash extensions, you can wake up looking better and save money. However, eyelash extensions can cause eye irritation. According to Rachel Nazarian, a dermatologist and esthetician in New York, the eyes are extremely sensitive to the glue used in eyelash extensions.

To prevent irritation, you should test before hand to see if your skin reacts to the adhesive. It is recommended to use an adhesive that is free of latex and formaldehyde.

In addition, the process of eyelash extensions can affect your real eyelashes, as they grow and grow longer, the extensions will gradually be pushed away. Most false eyelashes will gradually fall off along with real eyelashes, making the eyelashes look uneven, and also take a long time to grow back.
You should also not remove the joint yourself at home, it will hurt the real eyelashes and the eye area, which is already very sensitive. Ask a professional to easily and safely remove eyelash extensions.

Care after eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions can be kept for 4 to 6 weeks. Within 24 hours after eyelash extensions, do not let them come into direct contact with water or steam as this may cause the glue to peel off.

You should also not use makeup remover products that contain oil because it can make eyelashes easier to fall out. When removing makeup, choose an oil-free makeup remover tissue to clean the eye area. Avoid lying on your stomach as this will make the eyelashes pressed tightly against the pillow, causing the eyelashes to fall out faster and more easily. Using an eyelash serum will help strengthen your eyelashes and limit eyelash breakage. Avoid rubbing your eyes or touching your lashes.


Do not rub your eyes or touch the joint with your hands, it is easy to hurt the eyes and can cause the eyelashes to be displaced from the original position. Do not use eyelash curler when applying makeup. Wear glasses when going outside to protect your eyelashes from dirt.

Alternative solution

- Use false eyelashes: If you are still afraid of manipulations when using false eyelashes, you can choose magnetic false eyelashes to make attaching and removing them easier.

- Apply mascara with mascara: Using mascara can create a very natural eyelash extension effect and does not feel heavy on the eyes. 


Eyelash Serum: Daily eyelash care will help your eyelashes grow healthy, may not get immediate benefits but this method brings long-term effects.

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