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The best time to put on a mask

In addition to purifying the body, detoxifying or choosing ways to lose weight, masks are also chosen by many people in the process of beauty and skin health. But the best time to put on a mask is when few people are paying attention.

Should choose the time to apply the mask to get the most effective. Photo: ST

There are many types of face masks such as essence masks, oil-absorbing charcoal masks or detoxifying clay masks on the skin... The choice of a mask depends on the requirements and condition of the skin. . As for the best time to apply a mask, you can refer to it.

Relax in your home

Give yourself time to relax in the comfort of your own home. If possible, soak in a warm bath and apply your favorite acne or whitening mask.

Watch your favorite TV show

Wearing a mask while watching your favorite TV show will both save time on beauty and help the masking effect increase dramatically.

This is because when watching your favorite program is also the time when the mind is at ease and the facial muscles are most relaxed. At this time, the pores will expand and the nutrients from the mask will easily perform the task of nourishing the skin.

While meditating

Meditation helps to relax the body and no longer have thoughts that stress the mind. This is the time for the nutrients from the mask to easily penetrate deep into the skin layers, giving the most perfect skin.

When drinking a little wine

Sipping a little wine will help the nerves to relax. At this time, the facial muscles will also be relaxed, the pores will expand. Therefore, this is the perfect time for the skin to optimally absorb nutrients from the mask.

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