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The habit of eating salty foods makes it difficult for you to lose weight

Nutritionist Gao Minmin said that if you try to control your diet and still can't lose weight, it may be because you are eating too salty.

Sodium is one of the essential elements for the body, but consuming too much can cause edema and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The recommended daily sodium intake should not exceed 6 g. The British survey found that for every gram of salt consumed in excess, adults increased the risk of obesity by 26% and children by 28%.

Sodium is always abundant in ready-to-eat and ready-to-eat foods to preserve them longer as well as keep their colors fresh.

When eating salty food, the first manifestation of the body is thirst. Because of this, you may be inclined to drink more sugary drinks. Besides, eating too much salty food will stimulate cravings and make you eat more than planned. Experts also pointed out that most of the salty dishes contain high calories, high in fat, easy to create excess calories, increase the ability to store fat.

She advises people to reduce the daily salt dose when processing, replace with other spices such as onion, ginger, garlic, pepper... eat less processed foods, prioritize foods in the form of food. rough. When buying packaged foods, Gao recommends checking the sodium content on the labels. Levels at or above 600 mg of sodium per gram or milliliter of food are classified as high in sodium and should be minimized.

Pickled vegetables are high in salt, so you need to eat them in moderation.

Gao Minmin thinks that many people's preferences for eating kimchi, pickles, pickled radishes or pickled cucumbers are healthy because they are consuming vegetables. However, these sour foods are always very high in sodium due to being salted and silage, so pay attention to the appropriate amount. 

When consuming ready-made dishes, Gao also recommends limiting the use of sauces and condiment packages because they both contain a lot of sodium and have many uncontrollable and unhealthy additives. health and fitness improvement.

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