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The mistake of using a makeup sponge makes the skin prone to acne and quickly degrades

Using a makeup sponge, you should always keep the following principles in mind.

Use the same makeup sponge with different types of foundation

It is possible that each type will have a different color tone, when used together, it will make the background color uneven. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the investment, make sure to thoroughly wash the powder and foundation on the sponge after each use.


Is it enough to just wash the sponge once a week?

You are thinking that if you use it a few times a week, just washing it once a week is enough. However, makeup experts recommend washing your makeup sponge after each use and letting it dry completely. Sucking is always moist and contains cosmetics, which will be the ideal environment for bacteria and mold to proliferate? And you carelessly turn your facial skin into a new "dwelling" for bacteria when reused.

The makeup sponge is too strong when cleaning

Clean the sponge with gentle squeezing movements. While the makeup sponge is wet, pour the cleanser directly onto the stains. Squeeze the sponge gently to let the dirt go with the detergent or you can roll and squeeze the sponge gently between the palms. And of course, never put it in… the washing machine!


Do not soak makeup sponges

You can dilute the water with a specialized beauty blender cleaning solution to soak the sponge overnight. If the stain is still not removed, use a makeup remover to clean it before washing. Absolutely do not soak or wash the beauty blender with laundry detergent or bleach, remember that after cleaning you apply them to your face!

Do not use makeup sponge in any direction

You should use a makeup sponge and spread the powder in a certain direction, this is extremely important because if you spread it freely, it will both waste powder and uneven color. Plus, you can use a makeup sponge to blend foundation and concealer to save money!


Using a makeup sponge that is too dry

The very important rule is to moisten, but there are still some women in a hurry and skip this step. Moistening makes it easier for women to spread powder more smoothly and reduce friction on the face and at the same time, making the makeup sponge will quickly stick to the powder, which means it will reduce cosmetic waste. Therefore, you should soak the sponge in clean water, gently squeeze it with your hand to expand it evenly. Then wring it dry to get the cotton just right before using.

Makeup sponge is a familiar beauty item for women, often in direct contact with the skin, so you should pay attention to not make your skin affected just because of mistakes when using this item.

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