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The 'paradoxical' diet helped Ella (SHE) lose 3 kg

Instead of abstaining from rice, cutting out starches to lose weight like the majority, Ella eats three meals a day in moderation and believes that this way helps to lose weight and reduce water retention effectively.

Most of the star's weight loss diets are low in carbs (rice, noodles...) to quickly lose weight and reduce fat. But Ella does the opposite. According to the method of Oriental medicine, rice is an abundant source of nutrients for the body and also works to reduce water retention, limit weight gain due to edema. Therefore, the female singer believes that if you eat rice properly, you can still lose weight and control weight. "A lot of times, Oriental medicine doctors say that my body is cold, so I need to increase humidity," Ella said.

Ella eats three meals a day instead of a strict diet.

In the past, to lose weight, Ella often only ate lettuce and chicken breast, all of which were sold with cold properties. Since listening to the doctor's analysis, the female singer eats rice regularly for three meals with vegetables, protein from fish, pork, chicken ... but minimizes beef and lamb.

In addition to eating cooked rice in the usual way, Ella also makes tuna and seaweed rice balls for breakfast. By eating in moderation, Ella then lost 3 kg, maintaining a weight of 50 kg. "I discovered that since eating like this, I don't gain weight but also feel healthier, my body is more relaxed and less water retention," she said. The female singer also said that when setting a weight loss goal, even though you can eat white rice, you should still control the dose in moderation, especially dinner and limit sweets and cold dishes.

In parallel with the diet, Ella also actively exercises, diverse exercises to improve health and physique. She practices two yoga sessions, two zumba sessions per week. Besides, Ella also works hard at the gym. Recently, she has performed many exercises for the upper body and arms to improve firmness and limit sagging.

Ella actively practices many subjects from yoga, zumba to gym.

Ella was born in 1981, joined showbiz two decades ago. She is loved through many roles: SHE member, actress, presenter... She is married to businessman Lai Tu Tuong and has a private life. In recent years, she has worked hard on the show. Once famous for her tomboy style, but since becoming a wife and mother, Ella has become more and more feminine and loving.

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