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The reasons why vitamin C is loved by women when it comes to beauty

Vitamin C is an indispensable ingredient in helping to keep skin bright, healthy and full of vitality.

In the field of beauty, vitamin C plays an extremely effective beauty role. Just apply the product containing vitamin C nutrients to the darkened skin, after a period of persistent use, you will see a positive improvement for the skin.

Amazing benefits of vitamin C for skin

Anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

Vitamin C essence stimulates the production of new cells, helping to increase the anti-inflammatory ability and increase the skin's resistance effectively. At the same time, nutrients will penetrate deep into the skin to help antibacterial, reduce redness, and improve damaged cells from deep within.


Pure vitamin C has antioxidant capabilities, helps prevent wrinkle formation, promotes proliferation and collagen synthesis to help slow down the aging process. From there, return the skin radiant and full of vitality.

Brighten skin and fade dark spots, brown spots, acne

When exposed to more sunlight, the more melanin is increased, acting as a natural skin protection mechanism. The most commonly known use of vitamin C is its ability to inhibit the formation of melanin, helping to reverse dark spots and return a more radiant, even skin tone.


Strengthen skin protection against the sun

In sunlight containing UV rays, including UVA/UVB, are able to penetrate the ozone layer, and also work in the shade. Therefore, in addition to careful shielding, you should still combine vitamin C and sunscreen to strengthen the skin barrier more comprehensively.

Ways to help vitamin C serum work effectively

Choose the right ratio of vitamin C

The higher the vitamin C in the product, the stronger the effect and the easier it is to cause irritation, making the skin sensitive. You can choose products with a vitamin C ratio of about 5 to 10%, then increase to products with 15% to 20% as the skin gets used to it. You can also choose vitamin C serum lines that are added with moisturizing, soothing, and irritating substances to help the skin have time to get used to, avoiding stinging and irritation when using the serum.

Store products in the refrigerator

Vitamin C serum is inherently easy to oxidize, if not stored carefully, the product will be oxidized. When choosing a vitamin C serum, you should choose products with a tap or dropper design to help avoid air exposure. When using, you should store vitamin C serum in the refrigerator. High temperatures will cause the serum to oxidize faster. Storing in the refrigerator will help the serum maintain its stability and can be used for a long time.

Use vitamin C serum with sunscreen

Vitamin C serum has antioxidant properties, increases collagen regeneration, neutralizes free radical formation. Meanwhile, sunscreen helps prevent negative effects from UVA and UVB rays, preventing sunburn and redness. The combination of using vitamin C serum and sunscreen every morning will help the ingredients in both products work more effectively. In particular, this combination also helps to whiten and protect the skin safely by other environmental influences.

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