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The skin is getting worse and worse, more acne is most likely because you are making these mistakes when using rose water

Using rose water incorrectly can easily damage your skin and cause more acne, so you need to pay attention.

Toner (the other is balancing water) can be extracted from many different sources of ingredients such as: green tea, herbs, witch hazel, etc. Toner at the same time performs 2 tasks: one is to continue to clean sebum. and dirt deep in the pores; The second is to balance the pH of the skin.

Use rose water to remove makeup

This is a very serious error. In rose water, although there is alcohol to disinfect, it is mild and very benign, so it is completely impossible to remove makeup. Especially when wiping rose water on the face, the pores will be small, the make-up layer will stay in the pores, causing blockage, causing acne.


Alcohol-based rose water is not good

Many people think that alcohol-based toners are not good, because it irritates the skin. But in fact, a certain amount of alcohol in rose water helps to remove excess oil and dirt in the pores, astringent pores. Therefore, this amount of alcohol is very necessary, especially for oily skin.

Use your hands to pat rose water on your skin

Pat the rose water on the cheeks to help the skin absorb the rose water, the more and more you pat it, the deeper it will penetrate, but in fact, if you use too strong or strong strokes, you shouldn't! Especially for thin and sensitive skin. Doing so will seriously damage the skin, which is a factor in aging.


Using rose water is not suitable for skin

With dry skin, the main purpose is to moisturize, but you use a toner containing alcohol higher than 10% and containing salicylic acid, causing the skin to become even drier, more flaky.

Or with oily skin, you choose a hydrating toner instead of a pore-tightening type. Choosing the wrong type of rose water not only does not work, but also makes the skin condition go down and become ugly.

Using rose water at the wrong time

Many of you make the mistake of waiting for your skin to dry completely before using rose water. When the skin is completely dry, it is easy to experience reverse moisture absorption, causing the skin to lose moisture. Many of you often use moisturizer right after applying rose water, this is another mistake. After using rose water, we should wait about 5 minutes for the skin to rebalance the pH and then use nourishing products.

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