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The type of food that many people like but causes terrible acne

Your favorite, delicious canned fruit can be packed with ingredients that are on the list of worst foods for acne-prone skin.


Owning acne-prone skin causes many inconveniences in life. Your beauty routine must also change, which means you must create a healthy and balanced diet to improve yourself from within. In addition to using the right skin care products (your dermatologist can help you with that!). Drinking enough water and eating foods rich in nutrients and low in sugar can help you fight and prevent breakouts.

One of the causes of acne is canned fruit and these sugary foods can lead to acne due to the sugary syrup content.

Why can canned fruit lead to acne?

If you are prone to breakouts, adding sugary, sweet foods to your diet will exacerbate the problem. Your favorite canned food may contain many of the worst ingredients on the list of worst foods for acne-prone skin. Eating fruits and vegetables is healthy, but canned fruit and corn are high in sugar because they float in sugar water or syrup.

Sugar and preservatives are sometimes added during the canning process. This is because salt and sugar are used to preserve foods because they create an environment that hinders the growth of microorganisms. Processed foods with added sugar and salt are associated with acne in epidemiological studies.

According to many dermatologists at Future Bright Dermatology in the US, eating a lot of canned dairy products and canned fruit in sweet syrup can cause acne to worsen. Excess sugar and fat in milk and sugar syrups can cause excess sebum production and hormonal imbalances that can lead to acne, blackheads, and breakouts.

So what should you eat when you have oily, acne-prone skin?

Dermatologists also emphasize that eating vitamin-rich fruit by itself will not lead to acne, but on the contrary, you can choose from sugary, syrupy and processed varieties. If you want to supplement vitamins and energy, eating fresh fruits and vegetables directly is the best way if you have acne-prone skin. All of these foods are high in antioxidants and minerals that promote a healthier skin and body in general.

Should limit canned fruit if you have acne skin.

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