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Tips for comprehensive skin care when flying to avoid dry skin

When the plane takes off, the humidity will drop to 20%, which can make the skin dry and dehydrated.

When the plane takes off, the humidity will drop to 20%. This means your skin and body are severely dehydrated. Whether it's a long or short flight, your skin is still affected. Skincare steps can be annoying for you on the flight, but that doesn't mean you ignore your skin.

Don't forget sunscreen

Your skin is more exposed to the sun as the plane climbs up, which poses a risk of skin damage. Because at this time, UV rays will have the opportunity to penetrate the skin, causing the skin to become darker and accelerate the aging process. To protect and care for your skin, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before departure if you are going during the day.


Use wet wipes to remove makeup

Taking a long flight can make your skin's pores more likely to clog due to the residue of sunscreen or oil. You should use a makeup remover tissue to clean and return your skin to ventilation, this is also a way to prevent acne breakouts due to clogged pores.

If you're on a long flight and need to reapply sunscreen, you should wipe your face with a makeup remover first and then reapply sunscreen.

Hydrate the skin

The humidity in the cabin is often reduced to 20%, but the skin and body need 40-70% humidity to feel comfortable. To improve this condition, skin care with a serum containing hyaluronic acid will help your skin become better and more moisturized.


If your skin still feels dry, use an extra moisturizing oil to lock in your skin care. Also keep using a moisturizing spray to make sure your skin stays hydrated and doesn't produce too much oil during the flight.

The effects of dehydration can last for days and cause you to lose your balance. To improve dehydration, the only way you can do it is to drink enough water.

Use a paper mask

There is a note when applying a mask on an airplane that only applies it for about 15-20 minutes according to the instructions of the mask you use. Because, when the moisture is drained, the paper mask will absorb the moisture in return, making the skin drier! 


Lip care

The humidity that is too low on the plane will show up most quickly on your lip skin. At that time, the lips easily become dry and can cause the lips to crack, causing pain and discomfort for you. Use lip balm continuously to improve chapped condition and keep lips pink and plump. If lip balms don't hydrate your lips enough, try using a lip balm or sleeping mask.

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