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Tips for long-lasting, radiant makeup all day

If you're a makeup lover, you've probably experienced the horror of realizing the layers of foundation are smudged or melted on your face. Keeping makeup last all day seems impossible?

A beautiful hairstyle needs to go through many stages, including the use of heat tools. While this gives you an attractive look, in reality, you just want to skip the heat tool for fear of damaging your hair.

However, makeup artist Elaine Barnett (USA) gives you a few tips to keep your foundation in place, your blusher, and your mascara from smudging. At the same time, she also shares techniques to keep makeup beautiful throughout the day.

1. Prepare your skin before applying makeup

If your skin is not taken care of properly, then the makeup will not be able to smooth or last long.

Oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin are exposed when applying makeup. So you should exfoliate your skin at least twice a week to keep your skin smooth and make your makeup last longer.

Using toner after cleansing and exfoliating will balance the pH levels of your skin . From there, the skin surface will be smoother and brighter . This also helps skin care products penetrate the skin faster.

Properly moisturizing the skin with the right cream will provide the perfect base for skin care products to look fresh all day. Also, try an oil-free moisturizer that absorbs quickly while providing enough moisture to the skin.

Properly moisturizing the skin will provide the perfect foundation.

2. Primer for eyes and face

Primer is the essential first cosmetic step to help your makeup last all day. Not only does it play an important role in your skin care routine, but it also creates a barrier that smooths the skin's surface over the long term.

This can be tailored to your skin type to help fill in pores, fine lines, and smooth the surface of your foundation more easily and last longer. Try to use a water-based, oil-free primer; this will keep your background layer from sliding or moving around.

The eyeshadow primer creates a surface for the eyeshadow to show its true pigment and blend more easily, and it also helps the eyeshadow and eyeliner to last all day without smudging or creasing.

3. Use an oil-free foundation

Oil-based products cause makeup to slip off easily. If you have dry skin, make sure you moisturize well before using an oil-free foundation. Choose one that is long-lasting and will soften your skin all day.

4. Cream or liquid products combined with a suitable powder layer

Liquids and creams tend to wear off throughout the day, so to keep your skincare products in place for a long time, try to find lightweight powders that match the color of your foundation and cream blush.

Instead of ' beating ' the powder into small circles on top of liquids and creams, try ' applying ' the product on your face. The patting technique will keep liquids and creams from moving and will lock in your skin care products, keeping them from drifting throughout the day. Don't forget to bring powder with you to dab on areas that might look shiny throughout the day.

5. Makeup with light layers

'Less is more' is the secret to making your makeup last all day. Elaine Barnett recommends using a sponge to apply light layers. This will help your skin look natural without feeling heavy.

'Less is more' is the secret to long-lasting makeup.

6. Moisten eyeshadow brush before applying on eyelids

Elaine Barnett uses this technique when applying a layer of shimmery eyeshadow over her lashes. Not only does it help lock in pigment to last all day, but it also gives a matte effect to the eyeshadow. This also gives the skin a natural look.

7. Use waterproof mascara and eyeliner

Choose waterproof mascara when you want your eyes to be smudge-free all day long. Mascara and eyeliner tend to get smudged under the eyes after wearing too much makeup and especially if you use eye cream. Try a waterproof formula so you don't get the ' panda effect ' after a few hours.

8. Mix primer with liquid lipstick to create creamy blush

This is the best way to make cream blush last all day. Cream blush tends to fade, but when you create your own color with liquid lipstick and a little primer, your blush is guaranteed to last . Just mix a small amount of liquid lipstick and primer in two equal parts to create the perfect tint. Use more primer to dilute the color or use more liquid lipstick to make the color pop.

9. Apply lipstick properly

Apply your lipstick, blot with a tissue, top it with a translucent powder, then apply another layer of lipstick. Repeat until you get the lipstick opacity you want. This layering technique will give you a long-lasting foundation without drying and cracking your lips.

10. Use a translucent powder

Try applying a light opacity powder after you've finished applying all of your skin care products. This not only clears away excess oil left on the skin, but also helps your makeup last longer.

Don't forget to apply a light translucent powder once you've finished applying all of your skin care products.

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