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Tips for using anti-aging creams of Korean women

Learn tips to help creams maximize their effects in the skincare process of Korean women to help smooth and even skin tone.

Korean women are very focused on skin care and anti-aging. They are willing to spend an hour with dozens of sophisticated skincare steps every day. For that reason, the skin of Korean women is also famous for its natural beauty. And only in the use of creams, Korean women also apply the following 5 sophisticated tips to ensure maximum effect and prevent miraculous aging.
Apply moisturizer 3 minutes after washing your face

Korean women always follow the rule: Apply cream 3 minutes right after washing your face. They think that, after washing the face, the skin is quite soft and hydrated, the outer stratum corneum of the skin is also softer and more plump. Therefore, if you apply nourishing products such as serums and creams right at this time, the nutrients will be able to penetrate quickly and limit stickiness, bringing better results.


In addition, when researching in terms of ingredients, Korean women also pointed out that moisturizers often contain moisturizing agents. These substances act like a membrane covering the outside of the skin, helping to limit moisture loss and water loss. Therefore, if they apply moisturizer right after washing their face, it will help limit the loss of water, dryness and tightness.

Use cream for the neck

Neck wrinkles, which are part of the natural aging process, are inevitable. Therefore, not only skincare for the face, Korean women also pay attention to skin care for the neck area. The simplest, even during skincare, Korean women also focus on applying cream and massaging the neck skin at the same time as the face skin. This helps them keep the neck skin smooth, soft and limit the formation of aging wrinkles.

Mixing cream with nourishing oil

Besides lotion, oil is also an essential skincare item that effectively replenishes nutrients and moisturizes the skin. With the desire to have plump, hydrated but not sticky skin, Korean women often mix 1-2 drops of nourishing oil into the cream and then apply the cream on their face. This step will help prevent the skin from drying out, the make-up layer will be more consistent with the skin, and at the same time limit the peeling, rough skin caused by sitting in the air conditioner a lot. Actress Ha Ji Won herself often mixes creams with oils to prevent skin aging.

Use 2 specialized creams for morning and night

Korean women understand very well that skin care in the morning and at night is very different. If in the evening, they need intensive care, careful skin care so that the skin has the opportunity to regenerate and recover effectively during sleep; then in the morning, quick, fast-absorbing, non-sticky lotions that can have more SPF will help protect the skin better. Therefore, Korean women often use 2 separate creams for morning and evening. Night cream has the ability and ingredients rich in nutrients, deeply nourishes, restores the skin from within; Brightening cream is quickly absorbed, non-sticky, lighter liquid texture.

Use the essence pusher after applying the cream

To maximize the benefits of the cream, Korean women also use an essence pusher. The machine's Ion technology helps push nutrients to penetrate deeply, promoting better efficiency. In addition, essence pushers often have massage and cooling modes to increase relaxation, tighten pores, minimize puffiness and dark circles. Actress Son Ye Jin is also a believer in essence pushers.

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