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Tips to beautify skin with aloe vera without itching

Aloe vera is a skin care ingredient that is too familiar to most women. However, not everyone knows how to beautify with aloe vera without itching.

Aloe vera , also known as aloe or dragon fruit, contains vitamins A, C, E and vitamin B12 that have the effect of nourishing the skin , blurring wrinkles , contributing to making the skin bright and smooth. Not only that, with sunburned skin , redness , aloe vera has an instant skin soothing effect.

‏There are many ways to beautify with aloe vera. However, due to not fully understanding the effects and features of this material, many people beautify with aloe vera can cause itchy skin.

Here are some simple ways to make aloe vera at home for summer skin care :

‏1. Mask with aloe vera

Many people who apply aloe vera face masks experience itching, possibly due to not cleaning the aloe vera resin or combining the ingredients in the wrong way. You can make an aloe vera mask with available ingredients such as honey, yogurt, rice water to avoid itching.

‏How to make aloe vera mask with yogurt as follows:‏‏
  • Preparing aloe vera by peeling and soaking it in salt water‏
  • ‏Make a puree of aloe vera and mix it with about 2 tablespoons of unsweetened yogurt‏
  • Apply the mask for about 15 minutes, then wash your face with cool water.

Apply about 2-3 times per week to help skin more beautiful and smooth. Note that you should not overdo it, use too much aloe vera mask because this will make the skin weak, thin and even more susceptible to allergies.

After applying the aloe vera mask, the skin tends to catch the sun and darken easily. Therefore, it is advisable to protect and shield the skin carefully from the sun.
Aloe Vera helps skin soft, smooth, full of vitality.

‏2. Mineral spray with aloe vera‏

You can make your own facial mist at home with fresh aloe vera and some other simple ingredients. For sunburned skin in the summer, a mist with aloe vera is an instant lifesaver. The essence in aloe vera will help soothe the skin, fight inflammation, and soothe skin damage.

The advantage of aloe vera mineral spray is both hydrating, reducing oiliness, limiting oil secretion and not irritating the skin. Here is the recipe to make aloe vera mist with rose water, use 3 times a day for soft and smooth skin.‏

‏To make aloe vera mineral spray with rose water, you need the following ingredients:‏
  • 1 cucumber
  • ‏1 teaspoon aloe vera gel‏
  • ‏1 tablespoon rose

‏How to do:‏‏
  • Cut the cucumber into pieces and blend until you get a smooth paste.‏
  • ‏Filter the pulp through a cloth bucket and squeeze the juice into a large bowl.‏
  • ‏Then add rose water, aloe vera gel to the bowl, mix the ingredients well.‏
  • ‏Pour the prepared skin care mixture into the spray bottle and use.‏
  • When spraying, hold the bottle about 20cm away from your face and close your eyes.

Aloe vera mineral spray helps to hydrate, reduce oiliness and does not irritate the skin.

‏3. Aloe vera skin cream

Aloe vera cream brings many effects such as helping skin care, preventing acne , tightening pores , anti-aging ... To make a cream with aloe vera, it is necessary to pay attention to wash off the plastic part when cutting aloe vera from the tree. , take only the white flesh inside to avoid itching.

The formula below is made from 6 ingredients including:‏
  • 2 tablespoons aloe vera gel
  • ‏5-6 drops of almond oil or walnut oil‏
  • ‏5 drops of jasmine essential oil‏
  • ‏1-2 drops of rose or lavender oil for fragrance‏
  • ‏2-3 drops of vitamin E‏
  • ‏1-2 drops of vegetable

‏Instructions on how to make skin cream from aloe vera :‏
  • Take 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel in a large bowl.‏
  • ‏Then add the ingredients of almond oil, essential oils, vitamin E in turn and mix well.‏
  • ‏Whisk the mixture to form a creamy texture, put in the container and use.‏
  • Store in a cool dry place and use within a month.

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