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Tips to help her choose the perfect makeup to respect her skin and absolute beauty

You should take a few minutes to learn about your skin characteristics to choose the right makeup layer.

1. Distinguish between skin tone (undertone) and skin tone (skintone)

Skin color is the color of the skin that we can see with our eyes. Skin tone is the base color below the surface of your skin, which can be of the warm, neutral, and cool categories.

Someone with the same natural skin color can still have different skin tones and when they use the same beauty product, such as foundation, concealer, etc. Before choosing a satisfactory makeup product, first First you need to know what your skin tone is.


2. Warm, neutral and cool skin tones

A completely white person can have a warm undertone, while someone with a darker complexion can have a cool undertone.

You can easily classify your skin based on the following formula:

If your skin is pinkish, reddish, or bluish, you have a cool undertone.

- If your skin has a yellowish, peachy or fiery yellow color, it is a warm undertone.

- If your skin has a fair mix of both, then you have a skin tone that leans towards neutral.


3. Choose cosmetics for warm skin tones

- Foundation: with this skin tone, you should use a foundation that says yellow, honey or warm beige on the label.

- Lipstick: use colors such as bright orange, brick red or terracotta.

- Blush: Orange or red blush will make your skin look healthy and full of life.

4. Choose cosmetics for cold skin tones

- Foundation: pink-toned foundation is the perfect choice for you. If there is a "C" then that is a sign that it is reserved for cool skin tones.

Lipstick: shades of blue, purple and berry, like plum and cherry red are a safe choice for your skin.

- Blush: choose a blush with a warm peach color or a soft pink to harmonize your makeup and lip color.

5. Choose cosmetics for neutral skin tones

- Foundation: you should choose colors that are not too pink or too yellow. If there is an “N” on the label, this indicates that the products are specific to your neutral tones.

Lipstick: if you have a pretty natural tint, red can accentuate your makeup. For dark skin, lipstick with lilac and berry colors is the perfect choice.

- Blush: Neutral skin tones can match most blush colors but just a light layer of powder will accentuate your skin even more.

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