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Tips to help her read the skin and how to care for each age

With each age your skin has changes, and you need to "read" the signals that show what the skin really needs.

Learn to "read" your skin

When you are older, when the weather changes abnormally, when your health is not good, ... your skin changes, and you need to "read" the signals that show what the skin really needs. for better care.

Sometimes you feel that your skin looks a little pale or a bit dull but not rosy, healthy, there are dark circles and a little swelling near the eyes... this is how your skin "reacts" to the cream you are using , the kind of water you usually drink... The more you "understand" your skin, the better you can recognize these signs and change your skin care accordingly.

There are several factors that affect the skin

- Factors affecting from outside (accounting for 80%): Not protecting the skin when exposed to the sun, polluted environment, changing weather, poor skin hygiene and indiscriminate use of cosmetics.

- Intrinsic factors: Due to the natural aging process of age, endocrine disorders, psychological instability and health conditions.


The secret to a healthy skin

- Skin care in 3 basic steps including: cleanser, toner, moisture balance and skin care.

- How to prevent: Use sunscreen to protect skin from 8 am to 4 pm, skin care according to age, use cosmetics at the age of 24 or older, cosmetics have the best effect when used the right way and suitable for the skin.

- Diet: Women in a normal state need from 1000-2,500 calories a day, if they are sick, they will increase, if they are fat, they will decrease. In addition, the following substances are added: protein, minerals, vitamins and fats.

- Rest: ensure 6-8 hours of sleep at night, 10-30 minutes at noon and combine with appropriate rest and exercise.

Facial massage has the effect of helping the spirit to relax, blood vessels circulate faster, open pores, accelerate skin regeneration, balance skin moisture, increase absorption of skin care products. and rejuvenate the skin.


Skin care according to age

From 20-25 years old: use moisturizing and hydrating lotion (absolutely do not use quick whitening cream, unbranded creams can cause serious effects later).

From 25-30 years old: Provide nutrients, DO use anti-wrinkle cream 1-2 times/week. See more serums.

From 30-35 years old: Provide nutrients, DO use anti-wrinkle skin care 3 times a week. See more serums.

From 35-40 years old: Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging skin care 3 times a week.

Age 40 and up: Perform a basic skin care routine every day. 


Building a perfect skin care routine can improve your skin more than you think! However, not every girl knows how to take care of her skin properly. Without a reasonable care regimen, your girlfriend's skin is very easy to tan, hurt and quickly age.

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