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To own ageless skin, keep in mind the following immutable principles

To own ageless skin, please remember the following principles today.

Never forget to remove makeup

Simply washing the face cannot remove all the makeup on the face, for a long time they will clog pores, causing blackheads, darkening or even wrinkles. Even sensitive skin can be allergic and many other serious consequences if not removing makeup. 

Whether you don't wear makeup or just use sunscreen, at the end of the day, you should still remove makeup to completely remove dirt and excess oil on the skin. Only 1-2 minutes of makeup removal will definitely save you a fair amount of money on acne products.

Never forget to moisturize your skin

We should moisturize our skin all year round, and especially in winter. And moisturize not only the face but also the whole body. However, moisturizing the face will be a bit more sophisticated. Besides the biggest effect of hydrating and moisturizing the skin, moisturizer also acts as a protective layer to help prevent direct impact on the skin and pores.

It is best to moisturize the skin twice a day, in the morning before makeup and at night after removing makeup and washing your face. In addition, drinking enough 2 liters of water a day is also a way to moisturize from deep inside for the entire skin.


Apply sunscreen daily to prevent UV rays from reaching the skin. Carrying a tube of sunscreen and regularly applying it every 2-3 hours is a must-do for the ladies out there. However, to avoid feeling like you have a "lead mask" on your face, look for sunscreens with keywords like "nongreasy" or "sheer" to use.


Wipe off cosmetics at night

At night, cosmetics can attract ultraviolet rays that affect your skin. Therefore, as soon as you get home after a long day with cosmetics, wipe them off as soon as you can with rose water or warm water, wet towel. Or at least, you have to wipe off the thick layer of mascara on your eyelids.

Use moisturizing toners

Korean women love moisturizing toners. Toners of Korean women often contain moisturizers such as HA, aloe vera, rose water, etc. to help replenish moisture and soothe the skin after a thorough cleansing process. Besides the usual way of applying toner, Korean women also apply toner with makeup remover cotton to help increase deep moisturizing and prevent aging.

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