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Treat foot odor effectively with familiar foods

Foot odor is annoying to everyone around, you can get rid of this smell with effective food.

Causes of foot odor


When wearing shoes, feet sweat more, as a result, bacteria are "treated" with an abundance of food.

Bad foot odor can also come from a fungal infection of the feet that is not treated properly.

People with diabetes or heart disease and the elderly are more prone to foot infections and "smell" feet because of poor blood circulation in the legs.

People with sweaty feet often have overactive sweat glands in their feet. On the other hand, because there are always decomposer bacteria residing in the stratum corneum, when sweat is secreted a lot, the outermost layer of horny cells is always soaked in sweat, these cells are soaked in sweat. The longer the bacteria decompose, the more active they are, causing the odor.

You may have been infected by sharing shoes with others.

Do go to public bathrooms, swimming pools, go to the gym, where fungi, dust, bacteria from smelly feet spread into the environment.

Boiled chicken eggs

Method: You just need to take two eggs and boil them. Then, you separate the eggshell and clip it to the sides of the armpits. Leave the eggs in your armpits until the eggs are soggy, then remove them. Starting from boiled eggs is one of the tips to treat armpit odor quite simply, without spending much money.

Hot rice


How to do: You cook hot rice, wait when the rice is cooked, you wash the rice into two small balls and roll it on your armpits until the rice cools down, you can take it out.

But it should also be noted to you that before performing the treatment of underarm odor with hot rice, you should clean the armpit area to quickly see results.

This is a very simple and easy way to treat underarm odor, but this folk remedy is only effective when done regularly and persistently.

Use fresh lemon

Lemon contains a high acid content that helps to clean sweaty feet, and the scent of lemon also helps to soothe the unpleasant odor caused by sweaty feet. After washing your feet clean, you use lemon juice to apply on both feet, leave for 15 minutes and then rinse with clean water, doing regularly every day will help your feet dry clean and reduce bad foot odor. bear.

Corn starch

You don't need to spend too much on expensive deodorant sprays or powders. Just using cornstarch sprinkled evenly on your feet before leaving the house will always help your feet stay dry, avoid moisture and cause unpleasant odors.

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