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Treating melasma with natural ingredients

To have beautiful and healthy skin is a long, complicated care process. In many people, melasma also occurs with red pimples appearing on the cheeks and nose, then turning dark yellow or brownish. 

In addition to removing melasma with advanced technologies such as peeling, laser, light technology, micro-spots, high-end cosmetics, etc., many people have used natural melasma treatment methods , which are both effective, safe and medium. cost savings. For example, some fruits and leaves below for example:

1. Treat melasma with fruits:

Grapes are rich in vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, iron, calcium, other vitamins and minerals. It contributes to detoxification of the body, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-viral. Grape extract is created when the flesh and seeds of the grape transform into a liquid acid and amber color.

Grapes are also very effective in treating melasma. According to the journal Health Psychology, you can use grapes for acne or for skin infected with bacteria, fungal infections. Grape extract helps strengthen the immune system, making the skin healthier. Antioxidants in grape extract help you eliminate free radicals (free radicals) or many negative effects of the sun, preventing damage to the skin as well as limiting the development of melasma. Grape seed is rich in proanthocyanidin, inhibits the growth of melanin, gradually fades melasma. Avoid using grape extract for sensitive, allergy-prone skin because the acidity in grapes can cause skin irritation, especially for injured or sunburned skin.


Grapes improve dark skin

Other fruits, such as raspberries, contain alegic acid that lightens dark spots; or extracts from peaches, blueberries, pomegranates, strawberries... are also effective in reducing the development of melasma.

2. Treat melasma with leaves:

Mint leaves are very useful in treating melasma. Take a pinch of fresh mint leaves and grind them, then filter the juice and apply it directly to the affected skin. Use mint leaves regularly and you will see its effectiveness in treating melasma.


Mint leaves - safe to treat melasma

In addition, you can also use basil leaves to reduce melasma by pounding basil leaves to get water. Mix camphor powder with basil leaves to form a thick, sticky mixture and apply on the melasma area and finally wash off the adhesive on the surface of the skin.

Note that you must use these natural melasma treatments for a long time to be able to promote its full effect. Under the action of natural plant extracts, the pigmentation spots will fade and gradually disappear, returning you bright, healthy skin . The class of women does not come from the use of branded cosmetics, right? Let's experiment with natural plants to shine with the most natural beauty.

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