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What color lipstick should dark skin use?

Many people with dark skin are confused in choosing lipstick colors, because this choice is not easy for people with honey skin...

Unlike white skin, people with dark skin, honey cake often have difficulty choosing the right lipstick color. Because some lipstick colors can make your skin look dull and darker. So, to choose a suitable lipstick color, you need to make sure:‏ 
  • That lipstick color does not make the skin darker and duller
  • ‏Does not make the lips become out of tune, out of place compared to the face‏
  • ‏Makes skin, face become more harmonious, attractive and can turn on tones.
‏Based on the above suggestions, here are 5 lipstick colors for dark skin :

‏1. Red lipstick‏

‏‏Red lipstick is suitable for all skin types and is also the first choice of those who own honey skin.

‏Red lipstick will highlight the sexy and seductive beauty and make the dark skin brighter and whiter. Moreover, using red lipstick is easy to combine with many makeup styles as well as clothes and accessories colors.‏

‏If you do not wear makeup, you should not apply red lipstick too dark. This will make your lips too deviated from the overall.
‏Red lipstick is the first choice of people with honey skin.

Red lipstick will highlight the charming beauty.

2. Earth Orange‏

‏Dark-skinned people should definitely not ignore earthy orange lipstick.

‏Orange tones will make dark skinned girls have brighter and more radiant faces. However, when choosing orange tones, you should only choose earthy orange colors. Avoid bright orange lipsticks - these will make your skin look dull and accentuate your tan.

Besides, the bright orange color also makes the lips become too out of tune with the skin tone, overall not matching and harmonizing with each other.
Orange tones will make dark skinned girls have a brighter and more radiant face.

‏3. Deep tone color

‏Deep-toned lipstick colors such as ripe plum, brick red, wine color... are ideal choices for dark-skinned girls. These tones will make the lip color harmonize with the overall face.‏

‏When you combine makeup with simple eye colors, a deep lipstick color will make you look much more attractive. Besides, these tones also make you more luxurious and noble.

However, this lipstick tone is suitable for formal and polite parties and meetings. If going out, picnic, should choose brighter tones, such as earth orange.
The deep lipstick tones will make the lip color harmonize with the overall face.

‏4. Nude color

‏Nude tone is a lipstick color that is easy to combine even if you don't wear makeup. They will help you become attractive, attractive, sophisticated, no less luxurious.‏

‏Nude lipstick does not pick up the skin or make the lips become out of tune with the skin. Therefore, the overall look of the face will be extremely harmonious and natural.
Nude lipstick tones will help you become more attractive, attractive and sophisticated.

‏5. Pink lipstick

‏‏Many people think that pink tones are not suitable for honey cake skin. However, in fact, peach or dark pink lipstick will make your honey cake skin look younger and brighter.‏

‏Avoid choosing pink lipstick because they will make your skin pale, dull and lifeless.
Dark pink tone will make your honey cake skin look younger and brighter.

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