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When should exercise help lose weight, burn fat effectively?

In addition to a balanced diet, exercise is an integral part of a healthy weight loss regimen, but how much exercise time can effectively burn excess fat?

‏1. Benefits of morning

Exercising in the morning boosts metabolism, thereby burning more fat throughout the day. In fact, exercising in the morning can help you sleep better than exercising in the evening.‏

According to a study by the University of New South Wales, it was found that exercising in the morning (before breakfast) is the most effective time for cardiovascular exercise, especially for weight loss .

Endorphins released during exercise will make you start your day with positivity and excitement. Exercising in the morning can also promote a better mood than exercising in the evening. Moreover, it will increase your mental alertness throughout the day.‏

‏Exercise in the morning boosts metabolism throughout the day.

‏2. Benefits of exercising in the evening

Exercising in the evening also brings equally great benefits.

‏‏In the evening, the body will absorb oxygen faster. You can use your energy resources more efficiently than in the morning. Research on the body's reaction time shows that this time is extremely suitable for performing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or running fast on the treadmill, weight training, aerobics...

‏Body temperature is usually warm in the late afternoon (between 2-6pm), possibly the best time for you to build muscle.‏

‏3. So when should you exercise to lose weight and burn fat?

Morning and evening exercise both bring many health benefits and aid in weight loss. So when should exercise to lose weight effectively burn fat?‏

According to a study on the impact of exercise time on energy consumption, people who exercise in the morning tend to eat less and lose more weight than those who exercise in the evening. . However, if your schedule does not allow for exercise in the morning, you can completely lose weight in the afternoon time frame.

"The best time of day to exercise is whatever works best for you." - According to Paige Brooker from the University of Queensland.

In short, morning exercise enhances the metabolism of sugar and fat, thereby helping to control weight. Meanwhile, exercising in the evening uses less energy and oxygen, so you can do more intense workouts.

It is important that you maintain a regular exercise routine, no matter what time of day, by keeping your exercise regimen consistent at the same time each day you can achieve results. better results.

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