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Why do office people get fat easily?

There are daily habits that can be the culprit causing the belly fat of office workers, see if you often "make this mistake" or not.


1. Lazy to exercise

Office work that makes you often sit a lot is a reason for the body to be sedentary. In theory, the body is made for movement. Leaving the body in a "static" state regularly and continuously will cause the movement to stop in some places on the body. The ability to burn calories decreases every minute, the amount of fat metabolizing enzymes decreases by 90% and the first consequence will be the phenomenon of fat "closing" in the abdomen.

2 . Eat fast food

This type of food has a great attraction because their colors and flavors are attractive, they bring certain convenience, but in the long run, it will affect your health. Cakes, milk, ice cream, KFC, soft drinks ... are rich in energy, high in protein, but low in vitamins, fiber and minerals. If you associate with them for a long time, in addition to lack of fiber, vitamins and minerals, the risk of overweight and obesity is also very high. This condition will lead to the appearance of a number of dangerous diseases such as heart disease, diabetes ...

3. Eat when you are sad, angry

Do you find yourself eating carelessly when you're feeling negative? Next time, try to do something different than double the cheese and chips when you're upset about something. Emotional eating doesn't make you feel better. The only thing you get from doing this routine is extra belly fat.

The best way to combat this stress response is to drink a glass of water, chat with a friend, or go for a relaxing walk. Choosing an activity that doesn't include eating can help prevent yourself from taking in extra calories when you're feeling emotional.

4. Always under stress

When stressed, the body produces cortisol - a hormone that encourages the body to cling to the fat around the abdomen, causing the abdomen to "suddenly" increase in size.

Stressed women have a hard time getting a good night's sleep, which disrupts the production of leptin, the hormone that helps regulate appetite and metabolism. That's why we eat more when we're tired and crave fat from fast food.

5. Regularly eating at the wrong time

Skipping meals causes digestive disorders, while chewing food poorly and drinking less water can easily lead to intestinal diseases, indigestion, making the abdomen "warmth" and bloated. The ideal time to eat breakfast is 30 minutes or 1 hour after waking up, lunch 3-4 hours after breakfast, dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime will not cause belly fat. If you feel hungry before going to bed, you can drink unsweetened milk or a glass of juice.

6. Lack of sleep

Ideally, adults should sleep about 7-9 hours a night. When you don't get enough sleep, your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) increase and make you crave sugary foods. Therefore, it is very difficult to get rid of belly fat if you still keep the habit of sleeping less often.

To maintain normal cortisol levels, try to get enough sleep each night. This way, you can balance your cortisol levels while boosting the production of leptin, a hormone that helps the body control appetite.

7. Drink lots of soft drinks

According to researchers, consuming one or two sodas a day makes your waistline grow at least 5 times faster than someone who doesn't drink this beverage at all for a week.

The reason is that the high sugar in soda stimulates your appetite, so you eat more at each meal. Soft drinks only make you feel good, but they don't make you thirsty. Diet sodas are not good because they contain artificial sweeteners, which can increase cravings, as well as sugar. So, if you always need a drink, choose healthy options like fresh juice or a glass of lemonade and mint leaves.

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