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Why is my skin still dark after staying at home all day?

Dark skin is mainly caused by UV rays from the sun, but many people stay indoors all day and still have dark skin. So what is the cause?

Understanding the cause of dark skin helps you quickly find a more effective way to whiten your skin. Many of you due to the nature of work work online or at home completely to take care of the family, but the smooth white skin is nowhere to be seen, but only the skin is increasingly dull and lifeless, so what is the reason?

The reason why the skin is dark even though staying at home all day (Artwork)

5 reasons why skin darkens even when staying at home all day

Blue light from computer

According to many studies, blue light is emitted the most from the sun. Although the light source from electronic devices accounts for only a small part, the habit of using phones, computers, etc. regularly accidentally helps blue light penetrate deep into the dermis, destroying collagen and stimulating elastin. The development of skin pigmentation causes melasma and accelerates the skin aging process. Especially when studying and working is switched to online form by computer during the epidemic season, the green light has the opportunity to raged.

Lack of water

Air conditioning sucks out moisture in the air as well as causes moisture on the skin to evaporate, making the skin dry, dull and lifeless. This is also one of the reasons why you just sit in a cool air-conditioned room all day but your skin is still dry.
Nutrition affects the skin

Not only factors such as sun exposure or genetics, but also nutrition directly affect the skin. The lack of adequate nutrients for the body is also one of the causes of skin discoloration.

Sleeping late

The habit of sleeping late is also the cause of affecting the health of the skin, making the skin tired and dark. Therefore, to have healthy skin, you should arrange a reasonable rest time, do not stay up late.

Use retinol during the day

Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. It has anti-aging effects, whitens, fades dark spots, wrinkles and supports acne treatment. Currently, retinol is the most popular in skin care and treatment products.

When using a product containing retinol, the skin will enter the process of removing dead cells, regenerating the skin. Causes mild flaking, sensitive and reactive skin to the sun. Therefore, you should avoid making the mistake of not applying sunscreen every day. According to experts, whether using retinol or not, sun protection also plays an extremely important role. Even if you are not going out, not exposed to direct sunlight, you should still wear sunscreen.

Note that retinol should be used in the evening so that the skin does not catch the sun and adversely affect it.

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