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Why should you not dry your hair with a towel?

Contrary to popular belief, drying your hair with a towel can potentially cause damage to your hair if you're not really paying attention.

The unwritten rule from experts to have beautiful hair is to always trim your hair periodically and wash your hair every other day. As for drying hair, what is the standard?

With some opinions, the dryer set at high temperature is considered to be the cause of dry hair. But according to hairstylist Monae Everett told HuffPost, cotton towels also have the potential to be damaged if the way to dry your hair is not appropriate.

Material selection and gentle handling: The key to healthy hair


From Everett's experience, drying hair with a towel is taboo as they directly cause split ends and weaken the hair: “This aggravates the damage of the hair if you manipulate it. too violently on them.”

Instead, drying hair should be handled gently with a soft towel and small knit yarn to avoid too strong friction on the horny layer and hair follicles.

Another way you can help your hair dry faster is by using a hair dryer in combination with a towel. Before handling, be sure to spray or apply a protective conditioner to your hair before turning on the dryer. After the hair is almost dry, you should switch to a gentle wipe with a towel to prevent hair from drying out due to exposure to high temperatures for too long.

The next note in the dry hair stage is not to comb the comb when the hair is wet. Explaining this problem, experts said that the physical manipulation of the comb will have a bad effect on the hair roots / follicles and make the hair more prone to breakage after a while.

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