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Women are happier thanks to... lipstick

Just like brightly colored clothes, lipstick has the ability to accentuate your face, bring warmth and freshness to tired skin, and even brighten your eyes.

Lipstick also makes a difference to your mood, instantly lifting your spirits and boosting your confidence .

The long history of lipstick goes back thousands of years , and even Cleopatra wore lipstick . According to clinical psychologist, Dr Helen Nightingale, lipstick is clearly a confidence booster. ' In terms of behavior, it has an effect on the user. If lipstick makes us look better, feel better, it also means that you are confident that you are worthy of that beauty,' she said.

Makeup for your lips

Modern lipstick is not only about color , texture is also important. The lush coating of wax and smooth cream adds an extra layer of soft, comfortable skin that protects your lips against the drying effects of the environment, but it also adds its own charm, bringing Gives your mouth a smooth, healthy and sexy finish.

In the lipstick world, red quickly attracts attention , exuding confidence and sensuality. However, the gentle pink color is equally sexy . Angelina Jolie often uses this color lipstick.

As we age, the color and luminosity of our faces naturally fades. So lipstick becomes a way to restore radiant beauty . Just be careful to use the same colors you used to have when you were younger.

Dr Nightingale said : ' It seems reasonable to use the colors we are used to in the 1980s or whenever we look our best and happiest, but they are not always the best. because, like it or not, we look a little different now '.

In addition to reds and pinks, the cosmetic world has a ton of lipstick colors to choose from: nude, black and even green, along with a range of textures from cream and gloss for a long-wearing base.

Lipstick makes the wardrobe fresh again

During COVID-19, more than ever, we need solace and reassurance from simple things like putting on lipstick

Poppy King, founder of Lipstick Queen, said : 'It can be difficult to keep up with fashion trends as they change from season to season. But with a new shade of lipstick, your entire wardrobe seems fresh again. Clothes you've worn for years suddenly become interesting with a different shade of lipstick.

In difficult or uncertain times like COVID-19 , we need more than ever to find solace and reassurance from the simple things that lift our bodies and minds . Well , there is nothing more radiant than a bold red lipstick ' .

Red is seductive, assertive, sensual and bold. Poppy King especially recommends it to add confidence to job interviews or public presentations.

Pink is softer but still seductive . This color also suggests nourishment and inner strength. Pink is always youthful and ideal for romantic situations, especially weddings, with soft pastel pink best suited for daytime and darker pink for evening.

Wine colors provide a serious, sophisticated and sophisticated shade, ideal for job interviews and professional situations.

Orange/coral/peach lipstick evokes a cheerful, refreshing mood. These colors will shine and sparkle and are the perfect choice on the beach in the summer.

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