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3 good tips to help reduce acne and prevent acne from coming back

3 simple daily tips, not only prevent acne and reduce acne firmly, but also greatly improve beauty. Let's explore together!

Please immediately apply the 3 simple tips below and turn them into a good daily habit, not only preventing acne and reducing acne for sure, but also greatly improving beauty.

1. Drink more 2-4 glasses of water per day (0.5-1 liter)


Water helps to remove impurities and provides moisture to the skin. The figure of 2 liters of water per day that the press still writes is just an average for both adults and children. Adults need to drink more. However, in fact, many women drink less than 2 liters per day without knowing it.

Try drinking more 1 liter of water/day (Ha usually drinks about 3-3.5 liters/day) regularly for 2 weeks, you will see the difference (except for women who are advised by the doctor to limit water intake).

Don't worry that drinking too much water will overwork your kidneys. The kidneys can filter up to 180 liters per day. Some people believe that drinking a lot of water increases blood pressure or causes edema. This is only true for a very small number of people.

However, there is a small inconvenience when drinking a lot of water is that you will have to visit ... more toilets, in return the water will be very clear.

2. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

For those of you who have a habit of staying up late, try to sleep a little earlier and sleep deeply. The immune system will be at its strongest if the body is well rested.

A good night's sleep also reduces stress and contributes to hormone balance (hormones are one of the leading causes of acne - see more here). An adult needs to sleep more than 6 hours a day, the best sleep time is from 11 pm to 5 am. If you sleep less than that number, please pay attention.

3. Eat 300g more vegetables every day


300g is actually not much, just 1 peach or 2 bananas. To get 100% of vitamins and minerals, a day needs 3-5kg of vegetables (a very serious number), so most people are using too few vegetables compared to the body's needs (body may always have to "stretching" for this deficiency, leading to "aging" after the age of 30).

Vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables help the body to detoxify itself and have better skin. Lack of vitamins and minerals, accumulated toxins will increase hormones (cause acne) and reduce the ability of the immune system.

Why do vitamins and minerals help the body detox?

Because in the body there are thousands of enzymes, which help convert food into energy and nutrients to nourish the body. In order for these enzymes to work, minerals and/or vitamins are needed as catalysts. This means that if vitamins and minerals are lacking, metabolism will not occur, the body will lack nutrients and energy, and toxins will gradually accumulate.

Not to mention that fruits and vegetables have loads of antioxidants (anti-aging). Free radicals cause our body to age gradually and lead to diseases (such as cancer), so it is necessary to supplement with anti-aging substances from fruits and vegetables, to help you slow down the aging process. (you're young for a long time) and always be healthy and love life.

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