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3 training secrets to help burn fat, lose weight fast

These tips will help you lose weight "speedy". Personal trainers and health experts show three quick and easy ways to burn more calories during exercise, and learn more about your strength during workouts. 

Macy Sarbacker, certified personal trainer, beauty expert Macy Michelle Blog reveals the secret to increasing the body's ability to burn more calories!


Add weight to the ankles

Whether you're walking on the treadmill, jumping rope, jogging in place, or any other similar activity, Coach Sarbacker recommends adding ankle weights to your workouts to increase intensity. and energy. "No matter what workout you're doing, add ankle weights to burn extra calories," she suggests. As Sarbacker points out, "Adding ankle weights works, because you're going to expend more energy; resulting in more calories being burned."


Exercise while fasting

After waking up or even before dinner, Sarbacker emphasizes exercising before eating anything as this allows you to burn more than you might expect: "Train in a state of mind. fasting, when you're exercising, doing so in a fasted state can help burn more calories while you're working on stored energy, rather than burning off the food you just consumed."

Inclined walking on the treadmill

While doing your usual treadmill workout, Sarbacker recommends increasing your speed with inclines rather than what you're used to. "Walking incline on your treadmill is the key to weight loss, if you walk regularly, just increase your incline to burn more calories."

The trainer shares that this works because it helps to increase the heart rate, thus helping to burn more calories. Coach Sarbacker concludes that "converting your exercises" can provide the most benefits.

“If you do the same exercise every day for a long time, your body gets used to it,” she explains. "Varies your workouts by trying new classes, adding new equipment, etc. This helps burn more calories, she notes, because it makes your body guess."

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