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4 beautiful, gentle and luxurious hairstyles that overcome all defects of the face

Besides the smoky-like makeup style, bouncy curly hair is a trend that is enthusiastically promoted.

Korean muses, especially famous stars - always favorably create this same hairstyle when appearing in public. Feminine beauty and elegance are the strong points that help this hairstyle maintain the "kingdom" and never become out of fashion.

Curly hair

Like enchanting waves, curly hair gives the girls an extremely attractive and graceful beauty. You are free to choose the size of the curls. Revealing that small waves can create a thicker and more bouncy effect.

Moreover, this Korean curly hairstyle also has the ability to "hack" age extremely effectively. Recently, wavy curly hair brings a sense of elegance. Son Ye Jin is over 40 but still young and wavy hair is one of the secrets to helping her "cheat her age". Curly hair combined with light brown dye helps to highlight her white skin, and at the same time brings youthfulness to Son Ye Jin.

Curly hair

The hair is curled up to bring a mischievous look and personality to the girls. This hairstyle helps to give volume to your hair, making your hair thicker. Thanks to this feature, ruffled hair is the "savior" for thin hair.

In particular, besides being unique and breaking the way, this hairstyle also has a classic and poetic beauty. You can wear bangs with this messy hairstyle, or be bolder, decorate with big hair accessories.


Short curly hair

Among the variations, short curly hair is the favorite choice of Korean girls. Hair brings more dynamism and personality to girls. In particular, this hairstyle is suitable for all ages and is very easy to take care of. In addition, this is also an age-old "hacking" technique that is often used by many Korean stars.

Combining curly hair with bangs creates a pure and lovely beauty for ladies. In addition, the natural makeup style also contributes to rejuvenating your appearance. 


Curly bob hair

Hairstyles bring stylish beauty with many different variations. From light curly bob hair, tangled curls to big curls. Moreover, this hairstyle is not too picky, suitable for most face shapes. 

Especially, for long-faced girls, bob hair can hide the corners of the face. This makes your face softer and more delicate. Curly bob hairstyle is loved and applied by many famous stars.

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