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4 habits to silently accumulate fat

The habit of eating while working or watching TV makes it easy to consume more food than you think, easy to accumulate into excess fat from time to time.

Eat fast

The habit of eating quickly makes the brain not have time to receive the signal of fullness, easily making you eat more than planned. Studies have also shown that between the stomach and the brain more than 20 signals are transmitted. Eating slower not only reduces pressure on the digestive system, but also helps you feel the taste of food, and creates a feeling of being eaten more, thereby filling your stomach and limiting the amount of food you eat.

Eating while watching a movie

Eating while working or watching movies, playing games... also makes you tend to eat more than usual. The study also noted that this group of people tended to eat 10% more per meal than those who focused on enjoying the meal. This is caused by distraction, causing you to eat and drink involuntarily, not controlling the dose. When you eat while watching a movie, you are also more likely to enjoy eating less healthy foods than usual.

Eat lots of spices

Many studies have shown that overweight people often have a habit of eating a lot of spices such as sugar, salt, and sauce. These spices not only add calories to the dish, but also increase water retention, put pressure on the kidneys, and make it difficult to control weight.

Stay up late, lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep greatly affects the metabolism in the body, not only makes fat difficult to break down, but also tends to be hungry and crave more. Long-term lack of sleep also disrupts hormones, causing the hormones that signal satiety and hunger to work poorly.

Staying up late, lack of sleep also makes the body tend to crave sweets, eat more fat than usual.

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