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4 rules to keep in mind when you want to keep your body white and healthy

To get bright white and smooth body skin is not difficult, you just need to apply the basic body care steps below...

Clean skin with shower

When bathing, you should not use too hot water, but should only bathe with warm water, both creating a feeling of comfort and relaxation for the skin, and not making the skin dry. Besides, you should choose the right shower gel for your skin type to take care of your body skin properly. You can choose shower gels containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to effectively treat body acne.

Full body

Proper exfoliation will help to completely clean the skin and unclog pores, thereby helping the skin to absorb body care nutrients more effectively.‏ You should choose products that contain AHA (alpha acid). hydroxy) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid) to help exfoliate and improve skin texture.

With rough skin such as the skin of the knees or elbows, special attention should be paid to exfoliating. In addition, the skin around the upper chest or neck should not be rubbed too hard.

Moisturize the skin

Moisturizing the skin is essential. In addition to using moisturizing shower gels, you can combine applying body cream after bathing to enhance the moisturizing effect of the skin.

Protect your skin

If you want to have bright, healthy skin, you should use a body sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to protect your skin. Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going out and do not apply too thick to avoid causing skin congestion and achieving optimal skin protection.

Regular body skin care: Skin care is a process that requires patience, can not bring immediate results after only 1-2 days. Therefore, you need to take care of your skin on a regular basis to keep it moist and supple.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind to get bright, healthy skin:

- ‏Avoid the use of alcoholic beverages and stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco..., and you should maintain the habit of drinking plenty of water throughout the day.‏

- ‏Go to bed early and get enough sleep: Staying up late or lack of sleep is harmful to the skin, accelerating the aging process. Therefore, the first thing to do to maintain healthy and beautiful skin is to adhere to a reasonable rest regime and limit staying up late.‏

- Eat lots of vitamins and fiber: Vitamins and fiber found in green vegetables and fruits help keep the skin healthy and beautiful from the inside. Add these foods to your daily nutritional menu.

- Work hard with different exercises to help firm skin.

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