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5 bad habits that make your round 1 narrow you need to fix right away

Round 1 will be seriously affected if you still keep the habits below.


Wearing bras continuously day and night, choosing the wrong shirt size is also the cause of the first bust losing its original beauty. Besides choosing for yourself quality bras, the right size, take off your bra when you go to sleep because like any part of the body, breasts also need to be relaxed to grow and preserve beauty. Okay.

Diet or gain weight

A nutritionally imbalanced diet not only makes you lose weight, affects the body's metabolism, but also makes the elasticity of the breasts seriously affected.

When you have an unhealthy diet, your weight will change quickly, leading to an increase in your bust measurement. The rapid weight gain causes the elasticity of the skin at this location to be affected. Dieting habits and sudden weight loss also lead to a decrease in bust measurement because this position is mainly composed of fatty tissue.
The sudden change in weight will affect the elasticity of the double mountain and easily cause sagging. To avoid this situation, you should pay attention to control your weight with healthy diets and apply safe weight loss methods.

Crouching when standing, sitting

This habit is absolutely not good for the development of breasts, when you stoop too much both when standing or sitting, it will make your breasts gradually sag. In addition, this posture also affects the spine and causes body deformation.

You need to correct this habit right away so as not to hurt the health of your bones as well as the growth of your breasts.

Sleeping on your stomach

This is one of the common reasons why girls' breasts are getting flatter and flatter.

The wrong sleeping position, often lying on your stomach brings very bad effects to your body, skin and bust. Lying on your stomach causes your heart, circulatory system, and respiratory system to be pinched, causing difficulties. breathing, the skin is wrinkled due to too much pressure and of course, this does not make your breasts comfortable at all.

For girls who own large breasts, this position will definitely cause you a lot of pain and discomfort. Lie on your back with your arms hanging down for the best sleep.

Excessive use of coffee and stimulants

Coffee is always the morning drink of women to maintain alertness as well as enhance mental clarity when a new day begins. However, do not let that make us abuse it. Research shows that if you drink 3 cups of coffee a day continuously, it can make your breasts smaller and cause insomnia.

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