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5 cosmetics listed on the black list should not be used in the cold season when applying makeup

When the weather is cold, some makeup products can be harmful to your skin, especially the 5 products below.

In the cold season, the weather is also very changeable, you should reconsider your usual makeup procedures to give your skin a feeling of comfort and a healthy look.

Foundation powder

Women often use it because it can cover up unwanted flaws on the face. However, if you don't choose the right foundation for your skin, as well as with the cold weather, then foundation will only make you look older. Especially if your skin does not have enough moisture, foundation will further reveal wrinkles and signs of aging of the skin.

Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick will 'betray' you in the cold season because it makes your lips look flaky. Even if you use lip balm, it will not be enough. So it's better to stop using matte lipstick until it's warmer. If you still want to use matte lipstick, you should regularly exfoliate and apply lip balm to your lips.

Oil based products

Most of the stories about the benefits of carrier oils for the skin are advertising, they do not provide any benefit for the health and beauty of the skin, on the contrary, regardless of the season, they are It can clog pores and lead to acne breakouts.

Clay mask

These cosmetics really do wonders for the skin in the warm season, leaving the skin bright and clean, but in the winter, clay masks just make the skin dry. People with oily skin can use it but should be limited.

Moisturizing cream

Moisturizing is the best skin care step in the cold season. If the skin is not provided with a certain amount of moisture, it will cause the foundation to quickly fade and tone down. But regular moisturizers are not enough to provide the skin with proper protection during the monsoons and low temperatures. It is better to equip yourself with a facial cream, which will protect the skin from low temperatures and, due to its denser texture, will lose less moisture.

Skin care in the cold season, especially before applying makeup, you need to apply a layer of cream suitable for your skin to create softness, easy to spread foundation and protect your skin from chemicals and harmful agents.

In order to make up perfectly and keep the skin moist and smooth, you need to pay attention after the skin care steps such as toner, serum and cream, you should apply a thin layer of light primer. Then comes the foundation, surely the makeup will last long in this cold and dry weather.

In each season, you need to have different skin care steps. If the hot season needs adequate sun protection, limiting the use of oil-based products, the cold season should be applied immediately.

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