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5 layered hairstyles are saviors for thin and flat hair

This hairstyle promises to give you bouncy hair and an equally personal appearance.

The "old" hairstyles are also gradually coming back and creating their own craze. In it, it is impossible not to mention the layer hairstyle. After a period of hiatus, layered haircuts have become popular again. The classic, luxurious but no less disruptive look are the factors that make the name of this hairstyle. Not only that, the layering style is also capable of creating a thicker and more bouncy effect for the hair.

Wavy layer

The combination of layered hair and light curls accentuates your hair texture. This hairstyle gives you a fresh, sweet appearance that "cuts the heart" of the opposite person. The girls can add more points to their hair in chestnut or chocolate brown colors, or be more creative with ombre dye. To style your hair, you can use your fingers to wrap it in curls while using a hair dryer.


Layers and skewed roofs

This hairstyle is usually trimmed to shoulder length. In particular, if you want to create more unique accents, try dyeing your hair. The girls can combine with bright dyed hair colors such as blonde or iridescent.

For this hairstyle, you need to style it to keep the bangs flowing. You can look to the help of hair styling sprays (texturing spray). Styling products can create and hold volume in your hair for a long time.

Layer hugs the face

With this cut, your hair will be trimmed into many layers and hug your face. The advantage of this hairstyle is the ability to "hide" the flaws on your face. This is the hairstyle that Korean girls love very much. 

You should treat with a hair mask once a week. This action helps strengthen and moisturize the hair, avoiding frizzy and tangled hair.

layered bob hair

Your hair will be trimmed to shoulder length. The interwoven short and long curls bring a dynamic and personality look. Moreover, this hairstyle is suitable for both thick and thin hair. For thick hair, a layered bob makes it easier to style. Meanwhile, this cut creates a thicker and more bouncy effect for thin hair. 

Layered short hair

The outstanding advantage of this cut is the ability to enhance the face shape. In particular, for round-faced girls, short layer hair can "magic" to help your face become more elegant. Hairstyles help girls hide the flaws on the face, while enhancing the sharp lines. At a time when cold colors are approaching, why don't you try once with this unique and personality hair?

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