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5 mistakes women often make when applying powder, making their face look a few years older

Many girls are making basic makeup mistakes without even knowing it.

Using chalk in the wrong place

Depending on the different facial structure, each person has a different type of contour. However, the common denominator of contouring is to create clear lines on the face by creating dark, light and dark in 3 places: forehead, cheekbones, lower jawline.

When using contouring powder, you should carefully study the structure of your face and only use chalk in the above 3 positions if you do not want to turn your face into a colorful mural.

Only apply foundation for dry, dehydrated skin

Your skin is too dry and dehydrated, it will age your skin when using foundation. Therefore, you should use a serum and a light moisturizer before applying foundation. However, you should not apply too much because it will wash away all the foundation, making the skin greasy and lacking the smooth, rosy look it needs.

Use powder to "fire" oily skin

Using too much powder to absorb oil will cause your makeup to crack and patchy. Instead, use an oil-free primer before foundation or a final light filling (if needed) after makeup for a natural and smooth finish

Mistakes when using foundation

Foundation plays an extremely important role as you age, because it is your beauty "weapon". A good foundation will help you have a natural-looking skin, cover all imperfections and help the foundation stick for a long time.

Too much foundation is a common makeup mistake in girls. Don't assume that the older you get, the more you should use a darker foundation to hide wrinkles. But in fact, the darker the foundation, the more it clings to wrinkles, making makeup mistakes more obvious.

A good foundation will be a thin, smooth, natural foundation. Foundation is meant to even out skin tone, not to cover blemishes. If you want to conceal, use concealer, or highlighter. The thinner the base layer, the longer it will stick, naturally, limiting cakey.


Use highlighter or emulsion with oily skin

If you own an oily skin, this powder will indeed be on the limited list because highlighting the face that already has a certain shine will make the makeup overstated and less subtle. .

In particular, replace the highlighter boxes with contouring powders to correct the contours, making the face slimmer and more divine.

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