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5 simple beauty tips that not all girls notice

Using ice, using SPF lipstick, using a cream when your skin is damp, and using a face brush are all beauty tips you should remember to have radiant, white skin.

1. Use ice

Ice has an effective beauty effect

Ice is the ideal beauty tip for us women. This cosmetic is both easy to find and extremely cheap, but its use is very effective. You can use ice to tighten pores, tighten breasts, reduce bruises, and treat acne. You just need to apply ice on the skin and feel the perfect beauty effect of ice.

2. Wash your face every morning

Washing our face every morning is extremely necessary for our beauty. In fact, when we sleep, our facial skin will expel dirt and toxins to the outside, that's why we find our skin greasy when we wake up. You should wash your face thoroughly every time you wake up!

3. Use lipstick with SPF

Use lipstick with SPF to protect lips

The next beauty tip you should not miss is to choose a lipstick that contains SPF. Lipstick containing SPF will help us protect our lips from ultraviolet rays and external influences because our lips are very thin and easily damaged.

4. Use cream when skin is moist

When you apply the cream while the skin is still damp, it will help the skin more easily absorb the nutrients in the cream. This method is especially effective for oily and dry skin girls! So from now on after you wash your face, pat your skin lightly and then apply cream to your skin!

5. Use a face brush

Using a face brush/brush is a very useful beauty tip for busy women. Using a brush will help you easily remove dead skin cells while helping you massage your face and support blood circulation. Using this method regularly you will see your skin change markedly.

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