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5 tips to choose sunscreen for autumn

The choice of sunscreen is extremely necessary and with each season there will be different priorities.

Not only in summer but also in winter you need to apply sunscreen. Because the ozone layer is responsible for preventing ultraviolet rays, protecting the Earth and living things on it from the harmful effects of them. According to scientists, the ozone layer will become thinner when winter comes, making your skin more susceptible to damage by ultraviolet rays.

Not to mention that winter is characterized by dry air, low humidity, making the skin unbalanced, prone to dryness, peeling, redness. Sunscreen not only helps protect the skin from the sun, but also creates a perfect layer of protection against environmental factors that affect the skin.

Choose a sunscreen with the right SPF

SPF is considered a measure of the average number of hours that the skin is protected by sunscreen from UVB rays. According to the American Academy of Dermatology recommendations, in winter, you should choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. Using creams with too high an SPF is not recommended because they have a higher amount of chemicals.

Choose a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen

This is a comprehensive sunscreen index that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Both UVA and UVB cause skin damage including signs of aging, wrinkles or brown spots, and even skin cancer.

Test sunscreen with hand skin

To make sure the sunscreen is right for your skin, you should test the sunscreen on the back of your hand or the skin behind your ears and wait at least 24 hours. If there are no symptoms such as skin burning, burning, redness, you can safely use this product on your face.

Choose a high-moisturizing sunscreen

Autumn - winter has low temperatures and humidity, and frequent exposure to the outside air causes your skin to lose water and oil, causing conditions such as dry skin. A sunscreen with superior moisturizing ingredients will be like a special "savior", "rehydrate" your skin.

Choose a reputable sunscreen brand

Another note when choosing to buy sunscreen for sensitive skin is to choose a famous sunscreen brand, which has been evaluated by many users as suitable for sensitive skin. Do not buy products with unclear labels, because using poor quality products or not suitable for your skin can make your skin sunburn, darken and worsen.

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