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6 golden rules to get beautiful skin without any care

Please keep the following principles in mind to own beautiful skin that is loved by thousands of people.

Wash your face twice a day

If you don't remove makeup and just go to sleep, you will leave on the pillow dozens of layers of dirt, free radicals and environmental toxins that your facial skin has left after a long day of activities.

Most of us go to bed thinking we will wash our face the next morning. Some people who wash their face before bed are fine with just splashing water on their face when they wake up. That cannot remove impurities that have stuck to the skin at night.

Never forget sun-screen

All of your beauty treatments will fail if you don't use sunscreen. Dr. Lancer, a renowned esthetician, recommends that everyone use a sunscreen with an SPF of no less than 30.

Regularly Exfoliate

As we age, the natural shedding process slows down, creating dead skin cells that stick to the skin and give it a dull gray color. So regular exfoliation "will remove old dead cells. You should use chemical exfoliants that contain lactic acid."

In addition, after exfoliating, serums, oils or moisturizers can easily penetrate deeper into the skin, promoting their full benefits.

Wipe off cosmetics at night

Cosmetic layer can mix with dust and skin oil to create acne on your face. Even at night, cosmetics can attract ultraviolet rays that affect your skin. As soon as you get home from a long day of makeup, wipe them off as soon as you can with rose water or warm, wet wipes. Or at least, you have to wipe off the thick layer of mascara on your eyelids.

Shower right after gym

There are many girls after gym, pilates, yoga ... or other forms of body training who forget to take a clean bath after practice, which will easily lead to your skin having to cover. Sweat and muscle tension for a long time cause acne.

If you don't have time to shower right after your workout, put on sweat-wicking tracksuits and change into clean clothes after you're done. And remember, you should shower after leaving the gym as soon as possible.

Use eye cream

Puffy eyes and dark circles are two factors that easily make you look "younger" than your real age. Therefore, do not forget to use eye cream before going to bed. Some ingredients like avocado, almonds, vitamin E, vitamin A will be very good for this delicate skin. When applying the cream, you should use your little finger with light pressure to avoid damaging the skin around the eyes.

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