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6 immutable makeup removal rules you should keep in mind

Experts have pointed out 6 rules to properly remove makeup as follows to ensure healthy skin.

Many of us take special care of our skin, choose good cosmetics for our skin, take care of our skin at a beauty salon. However, mistakes in removing makeup can undo all the effort we put in. Experts have pointed out 6 rules to properly remove makeup as follows to ensure healthy skin.

Choose the right tool

It is important that makeup removers are not only suitable for your skin type, but also have an optimal pH. To remove individual cosmetics, you need to use certain products: for example, micellar water, lotion or tonic can be used to wash off foundation or concealer, while oil-based products are good. better to remove makeup when wearing heavy makeup.

To remove eye makeup, you also need to choose special eye products. Their composition is different, since the skin in this area is very thin and sensitive.

Do not abuse wipes and other quick makeup removers

There are many products for quick dry makeup remover. These are a great option for long flights or times when you can't wash your face with water, but you shouldn't overdo them. These products do not deep clean with the classic wash.

Thorough but gentle cleansing

Women often rub their face vigorously because they think it will clean better. However, doing so is very harmful to the skin. When removing makeup. It should be noted that the manipulation is gentle, do not rub, stretch the skin. Excessive exertion will lead to damage to the hydrolipid film, and this leads to redness, dryness, and other skin problems.

Careful makeup removal is very important, because clogged pores caused by cosmetics, mascara not being washed off under the eyes and between the eyelashes, can cause all kinds of irritation.

Wash your face with water at the right temperature

It is best to wash your face with room temperature water as it not only cleans the skin well but also brightens the skin. However, after removing makeup, depending on the time, you can spray the shower on your face, alternately washing your face with hot or cold water.

Use towels properly and change towels often

After washing, do not rub your face with a towel so as not to hurt or stretch the skin, it should only be soaked a few times. It's better to change your own towels regularly, ideally daily, because harmful bacteria multiply very quickly in a humid environment.

Don't forget to remove makeup around your face

Do not ignore the contours around the face such as the forehead, the jawline... when removing makeup. Because these are also the areas where makeup or sunscreen is applied carefully, but they are often forgotten.

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