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6 ingredients in cosmetics help skin stay hydrated, smooth like a baby

Your daily skin care routine should include the appearance of one of these 6 cosmetic ingredients because they will bring visible effects to the skin.


Peptides help firm skin

To keep your skin healthy and firm, your skincare routine cannot be without a typical ingredient, which is a Peptide. This is a highly valued factor in stimulating collagen production, wound healing, and improves skin elasticity and strength. From the age of 20, women should start adding Peptides to their daily skin care routine to support the skin's protective barrier and prevent possible signs of premature aging.

Ceramides intensively moisturize dry skin

Lack of moisture weakens the skin and creates favorable conditions for wrinkles to form. Ceramides with the power of fatty acids will provide outstanding moisturizing effect to the skin. This ingredient is suitable for normal skin that is neither too oily nor too dry.

Vitamin C helps brighten skin

Acne scars, brown spots on the skin are what make many women lose their self-confidence. Therefore, the ingredient that you should add to your skincare routine should be Vitamin C - an impressive antioxidant. The role of Vitamin C on the skin is to stimulate collagen production, lighten the skin and fade dark spots and brown spots. Depending on your skin type and skin condition, you can choose products with the right amount of Vitamin C but do not exceed 20%.

Vitamin C is very good for the skin, but you should still keep some notes when using this ingredient. That is to avoid taking Vitamin C along with retinol. Besides, when your skincare routine has the appearance of Vitamin C, you need to "apply" full sunscreen when going out to be able to best protect your skin.

Salicylic Acid (BHA) for Acne

BHA is famous as one of the cult acne treatment ingredients that any skincare devotee knows. With the ability to penetrate deep inside the pores, BHA will help deep clean dirt, sebum to improve the condition of pores - the cause of acne. Not only with acne-prone skin, but also with normal, stable skin, BHA is also recommended to be used regularly to become smoother and brighter day by day.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) helps to smooth the skin, remove dead cells

AHA called Alpha Hydroxy Acid with outstanding use is to soothe the skin and exfoliate. This ingredient will help remove the outer horny layer and old surface cells to return a smooth, fresh look to the skin. AHAs will be present in chemical skin 'peel' products suitable for use at night. If you are just starting to learn about AHAs or have sensitive skin, you should prioritize products with low concentrations first (from about 5% - 20%).

Argan oil is suitable for dry skin

Argan oil is the "spring of youth", which contains a large amount of Vitamin E and fatty acids. This ingredient not only helps to soften wrinkles but also contains the magic power of anti-oxidation, preventing the formation of traces of time on your skin.

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