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6 mistakes when washing hair in winter makes hair fall out, split ends and dry

To reduce hair loss, it is very important to wash your hair properly at this time.

Wash your hair with very hot water

During the washing process, the hair roots will expand. If the water temperature is too high when washing your hair, it will irritate the scalp and wash away too much oil, weakening the protective layer of the scalp, prone to redness, itching or damage to the hair follicles. However, you also cannot wash with cold water in winter because this action affects health. The best way is to use warm water about 30-45 degrees Celsius to wash your hair. At the end of the washing process, you can rinse with plain water to help your scalp stay healthy.

Do not brush your hair before washing

Hair that is not removed, smoothed when it encounters water will become sticky and more prone to falling and breaking. Not to mention when wet is when the hair is weak and most vulnerable to breakage.

In addition, leaving the hair tangled and separated when washing creates traction, affecting the health of the hair. Even this habit also loses nutrients in the hair core.

The frequency of shampooing is not suitable

When the weather is dry, it leads to a lot of peeling of the scalp, and the hair is easily tangled and dirty. Thus, if you only wash once every 4, 5 days or a week, it is difficult to avoid clogged pores, scalp infections, hair loss.

Washing your hair too many times, especially in the winter, creates an imbalance of moisture in the scalp. The constant use of chemical shampoos and conditioners also makes winter hair, which is weaker than usual, more prone to damage and breakage.

Not enough water to wash your hair

Draining water is not enough to wet the entire scalp before using shampoo or rinsing is not clean enough after using shampoo, conditioner. Both of these things lead to more hair loss, reduced effectiveness of hair care products and quickly greasy, dirty, even scalp damage.

Be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly for at least a minute before shampooing. To ensure evenly moist hair, remove all residue from the hair and make the hair smoother for washing. After washing, also need to rinse with water for at least 2 minutes and focus on the roots as well as the scalp more.

Comb your hair while it's wet

Many women have a bad habit after washing their hair, which is to brush their hair as soon as it is wet. Wet hair is when the hair is at its weakest, so don't use a comb at this time. The best way to dry your hair safely is to use a soft towel to gently blot it, let it dry naturally, and then use a comb to brush it dry completely. 

Drying hair the wrong way

Because of wanting to quickly get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of cold, wet hair because of wet hair, many women tend to use high temperatures, keeping the machine close when drying their hair. This way, the hair dries faster and the heat from the machine also helps to feel warmer.

However, high temperatures will damage hair health, "scratch" moisture or natural oils, causing hair to become dry and brittle.

If it is not possible to dry in the normal wind mode, it should only be dried at a moderate temperature. Use a towel to gently dry your hair, then apply a layer of conditioner before drying your hair. When drying, do not place the machine too close to the hair, at least 15 cm away.

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