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6 ways to drink coffee to help lose weight

Do not add sugar, milk cream to coffee and drink coffee 30 minutes after a meal to help burn excess energy effectively.


1. Drink black coffee

The simplest way to lose weight with coffee is to drink black coffee. Research has shown that the antioxidants and caffeine in coffee aid in weight loss. With no added sugar, milk, cream powder or other ingredients, this drink has no calories.

2. Add cinnamon

If you want to add a little sweetness to your coffee, you can add cinnamon powder. Cinnamon does not increase calories, but makes coffee taste better. The antioxidants in cinnamon also provide many health benefits.

3. Add skim milk

In addition to cinnamon, you can use skim milk to enhance the flavor of coffee. Skim milk is low in calories, providing essential protein without too much impact on weight.

4. Add protein powder

Protein powder is a product that supports muscle building and effective fat loss. You can add protein powder to your coffee to enhance the flavor and add energy to your body.

5. Don't use instant coffee

Machine-brewed or hand-brewed coffee is healthier than instant coffee because you easily control what's in it. Instant coffee may contain sugar, milk, harmful preservatives and unhealthy ingredients.

6. Drink 30 minutes after meals

According to nutrition experts, drinking coffee 30 minutes after a meal helps promote digestion, increase energy burning, and limit the accumulation of excess fat.

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